“The Glee Project” Season 2 Finale: At least you get a hug from Dianna Agron

There’s an announcement of one final special guest. I’m trying to wreck my brain for who’s left from the Glee cast, when in walks Damian McGinty, winner of The Glee Project, Season 1. Oh, right, that guy. Maybe it’s just me, but this special guest seems pretty haphazardly thrown into the mix. Like, “Oh, maybe we should bring in Damian somewhere? Eh, let’s have him in the background of the final video.” Still, it’s hard not to enjoy his Irish accent, so, hi, Damian.

Now that I am hearing This Other Tonight, Tonight song, it is kind of silly, but at the same time very much one that would be played at a high school prom. And everything about the filming of this one seems to be going flawlessly, just easy and natural and energetic and great. Aylin rips off a bulky sweatshirt in the bathroom with Shanna to reveal her prom dress, then she hops on to the DJ stand, dancing it out in front of the crowd. She looks the most beautiful and happy I have ever seen her. She looks like herself.

Blake is smooth and charming as always, and gets to do some crowd surfing. Ali plays the bitch well in her bright bubblegum dress. As she wheels through the dance floor, she grabs hold of people’s collars to bring them down to her face as she sings. She has an amazing ability to transcend. She’s on a different physical level than the rest, but she’s still the strongest personality in the room.

Everyone else is in the background dancing their asses off. I’m sure it must be bittersweet for many of them to return, but still, if someone asked me if I wanted to return to a reality show I was kicked off of so I could dance my ass off on the final episode, I would think, “Yeah. Yeah, that seems like a good way to end it.”

After the video shoot wraps, things start to get serious. It’s The Last Performances For Ryan time. For the last one, the final three are able to choose their own song for the first time, one that they believe will best represent who they are as a performer. They’ve had all week to think about it, and it ends up like this: Aylin chooses Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Such a powerful song, always a smart choice. Ali chooses “Popular” from Wicked. Choosing a song from a musical also fits her perfectly. Lastly, Blake chooses “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. Which makes me giggle. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I totally owned that Edwin McCain album. I just still giggle anytime I hear it, or hear of someone loving it, now. It is the most earnest song of all time. Or maybe it’s just that most things that bring me back to 1997 make me giggle. Still, I have to say, it is an ultra sweet choice. No wonder Blake makes all the ladies swoon.

Before they leave to start their solo practice time, the mentors also give them a run down of everyone who’s going to be at the performance tonight, which is pretty much, well, everyone. All the Glee writers, Glee cast members, the rest of the Glee Project gang, you know, no big deal. No pressure, guys!

As all of those people I just mentioned file into the auditorium before the performances start, I am honestly feeling full-out anxious now. I never expected to get as sucked into this show as I have, but, there it is. I care about all of these kids and I can’t believe just one is going to win. And they have repeated several times throughout the episode that just one is going to win, so I feel like Ryan Murphy must have gotten enough flack after he chose FOUR winners last year that he’s really going to buckle down this year and just choose one like he’s supposed to. Life is unfair.

Ali’s up first. Everything about her and this performance sparkles. It’s sassy and fun and her voice sounds great; her stage presence is solid. It’s just overall fantastic. She is Broadway-ready. Everyone hoots and hollers and stands for her at the end.

Blake’s up next. He kept saying before he came onstage that he needed to show Ryan another side of him, something that makes him different, as Ryan himself had been requesting. His rendition of “I’ll Be” is good, and he does a little throwing-and-catching of the mic move at the beginning which is quite suave. And quite bold to try, really, because immediately after it happened all I could do for the whole song was picture how horrifying it would have been if he had dropped it, and how if I had tried it I would have dropped it. Afterwards, though, Ryan pokes fun at him a little, asking if that little mic move was Blake showing himself being “different.” 

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