“The Glee Project” Recap (2.05): “Adaptability”


The video ends up being quite enjoyable, and I have to say again that Aylin really does kick ass this week. Everything about this project just seems to fit her. The only devastating part is that I now see that Nellie is not wearing suspenders. What I thought were suspenders was the strap of her chic bag and now I feel dumb and sad.

After the video, Aylin is not surprisingly selected as the winner for the week. When it comes to picking the bottom three, however, the adaptability hits just keep on comin’! Instead of three, there are actually six people in the bottom, who will all sing duets. The pairings are like so:

Charlie and Mario will sing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.” Charlie and Mario are both strong personalities. I suspect this pairing may not go well.

Ali and Abraham will sing Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night.” They seem excited to be paired together, excited about the song. They are both so cute cute cute!

Nellie and Blake will sing “Waiting on a Girl Like You” by Foreigner. Although annoyingly, they make it a point to change the title to “Waiting for a Girl OR BOY Like You.” Because goodness, it would be awful to make Nellie sing about waiting for a girl, right? Listen, we want to hear about Nellie waiting for a girl!

Nellie and Blake are up first, and when they walk out it’s clear how nervous they are. You can hear Blake breathing awkwardly into the microphone. Eek. But as soon as they start singing, they are into it. Nellie especially pumps up the acting, giving all kinds of longing-filled glances across the stage.

I’m not that into the arrangement of this song, but they give a really good performance, in my opinion. Maybe a little too good, because there is a lot of touching and intimacy happening between these two. Blake even kisses sweet Nellie’s forehead at the end. Back off, Blake!

Ali and Abraham are up next, and ehh. They mess up a few lines; their synchronicity seems a little off at times. Maybe it’s just a bad song — and it is — but it seems a little awkward. Ali seems to play it off well, but I feel nervous. You can tell Ryan Murphy is biting his tongue with what he really thinks in his short comments at the end. Oh Ryan. I can tell you’re going to release some sass in a few minutes.

Mario and Charlie time, and I am excited for this. Turns out the tense atmosphere between them which was briefly shown as they practiced was inconsequential, because like Nellie and Blake, they are going for the super intimate-emotional vibe. They allow the other to equally let their skills show while being super touchy feely. In fact, Ryan comments afterwards, “I like how sweet you were with each other.” Aw. For once Ryan and I agree.

In the end, Ali, Blake, and Nellie are safe. Yay! Abraham, Mario, and Charlie are in the bottom three. I like all these guys. This sucks. I do like Blake as a person, but he’s so much more boring artistically than any of these dudes, and he should have been in this line up.

Sadly, I am not a judge. Call backs get posted. There are the hugs, the slow walks. Here we go.

Charlie is happy! He’s safe. Mario scans the Braille on the list with his hand, and then looks away, but there is no crying.

But Abraham is full of tears. Oh no. Oh no, I am not going to be able to handle this!

But — wait. Wait, it’s not Abraham. You tricked me with your hyper-emotionalism, Abraham.

It’s Mario.


I rewind back a few seconds to re-watch Mario’s reaction. And it is so interesting. When I watch it now, his looking away from the list seems more like a sudden jerk, as if what he has felt with his fingers has physically hurt him. When they show him again after they have revealed his name, he stands in the same position, standing motionless for a few minutes. And then, with the quickest of flourishes, he smiles that huge, glorious smile that won me over in the first episode.

Oh, there it is again as he hugs Aylin! Yes!

I love what Mario says in his “what I learned from this experience” requisite voiceover. He says, “When people watch this competition, I hope that they see a talented, fearless, inspirational young man that happens to be blind, and not a blind person that they let on The Glee Project.” Exactly. And my hope is that writers of Glee and writers of all shows will allow people like you, Mario, to be written as talented, fearless, inspirational people who all happen to be one thing or the other — blind, gay, in a wheelchair, transgender — instead of typecast into a role to be an excuse for diversity.

With Mario being so defensive throughout the whole competition, I was worried about how he would react to this news, yet I was amazed at how well he took it. The smile was the first indicator, but he confirmed it with saying, “I’ve learned a lot about myself. I feel good. I really do.” Maybe I was so impressed by this because I felt like my own heart was breaking for him. I think I am too sensitive for reality TV.

I felt so bittersweet about this decision because I agree with the judges about his acting ability and his attitude at times, but I also felt like he was one of the best talents on the show. What did you think? And what do you think will happen next week? Because judging by the sneak peek for the next episode, some intense stuff is going to go down.

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