“The Glee Project” Recap (2.04): “Sexuality”


Tyler performs “Smile” really smoothly and it’s great. The judges seem to say what they’ve said to him before: “We don’t want to criticize you because you’re transgender and we LOVE that! And you can’t change how you are right now! But you still need to be BE BETTER! NOW!” But overall, they are still really encouraging of him, which gives me hope.

Michael starts out sounding really great. He really does have a great voice, and he seems like a genuine, humble, good guy. And then he, oops, forgets most of the words. Eek, Michael. Eek. It’s bad. I mean he doesn’t drop the mic or laugh or curse or anything, so it could have always been worse, but it’s still bad.

Still, the mentors are remarkably nice to him, and continue to be remarkably forgiving in their discussion afterwards. And increasingly tepid about Tyler. My hope is starting to go away, replaced by a bad feeling in my stomach.

And now, the call backs. Dun dun dun. Each boy walks up slowly. Dramatic lighting, dramatic pauses.

The bad feeling in my stomach was correct. Tyler’s going home.

My initial reaction is to say, “But Dude forgot half his words! Tyler’s performance was solid! What?!” That said, I know Ryan Murphy take pretty much Everything From the Past And All Variety of Factors Ever into account, not necessarily just the last-chance performance. And when you’ve been in the bottom three thrice, it’s not a very good sign. But I still feel ripped off somehow, and genuinely disappointed that we won’t get to see Tyler again.

Also, I must mention that Abraham seems absolutely devastated by this news. I mean pretty much everyone is crying, but Abraham be cryin’ a LOT. Tyler says, “I love you,” when he hugs him. And when they show Abraham during the signature “Keep Holding On” ending sequence, a single tear is rolling down his eye. No joke. It’s okay, boys. Your love is a not-so-secret secret with us.

The competition’s starting to get real now. Who do you think should go next?

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