“The Glee Project” Recap (2.03): “Vulnerability”


So who’s going to be in the bottom three this week? I honestly have no idea.

The first thing we find out is that, for the first time this season, Tyler is not in the bottom! Hurray! A hug for you, Tyler! I can literally feel your relief!

Before the final three are revealed, there are a few others that get criticism. Nellie cries a little and explains that she’s not as great at acting because she’s afraid of looking stupid. She is, basically, bad at being vulnerable. Nellie, most people are. Try it! It’s scary, but people normally turn out to be more supportive than you expect. And the ones who aren’t — well, you’ll just have to get over that.

Zach does call out Charlie for his inappropriateness with the cane, and Charlie apologizes to Mario, and it all seems genuine. Good. I feel (kind of) better. Strangely, Ali also gets criticized for being bad at being “raw” and emotional because she’s “too good” at being perky and happy. Wait, why was Dani kicked off last week, again? For not being perky enough? Hm. Interesting.

But in the end, the bottom three end up being Charlie, Mario, and Lily. Lily is pissed.

Her song is Duffy’s “Mercy,” which she sings well. When she’s talking to Ryan Murphy and the mentors afterwards, however, and Ryan suggests that she has been somewhat one-note in her sassy-bitch routine so far, she breaks down and very tearily explains that who she really is is just her voice and a piano, all ballads and openness. She’s certainly being very open right now. I would like to see this vulnerable voice and piano in song, for sure, but this crying and over-explaining bit I’m a little over right now. The judges, though, seem to love it.

Charlie’s song is Coldplay’s “Fix You,” and he seems to sing his own little variation of it. Some of the notes are stretched out longer; some are inflected differently than what we’re used to Chris Martin singing. It throws me off a little, but it does work, and he does perform the hell out of it. And Ryan Murphy Loves it, with a capital L. In fact, he says, “I could not have loved him more. May be my favorite thing I’ve seen on this show ever.” Oops, Ryan, your pupils just turned to stars and bulged out of your head. Oh, and you probably weren’t already predisposed to like this song when you shouted “I love Coldplay!” before Charlie even began singing. Nope, definitely not.

Something still seems a little off to me about Charlie though, something slightly skeezy, and like he’s trying too hard. I just don’t believe in him like I believe in many of the other performers. Sorry, Ryan. (Not really sorry, though.)

Last but not least, Mario sings an Israel Kamakawiw’ole-inspired version of “Over the Rainbow,” and I love it. I feel like every ounce of Mario’s heart bleeds through his voice. But the whole time my own heart is sinking after Ryan’s praise of Charlie, because I feel like Mario will not be able to live up to it, and another unique, talented person isn’t going to get his due. But I will continue to hope that I am wrong. And Ryan is, in fact, really nice to him. Mario expresses his absolute sorrow over possibly making a bad impression by some of the defensiveness he’s shown throughout the episode, and he classily apologizes to Nikki for his poor performance during vocal training.

But then in the back room, Mario seems to do an about face and continues to be defensive to his fellow contestants about Nikki’s criticism, saying, “Other people were off pitch, too!” Shockingly, this does not make everyone else happy. It seems that, in general, Mario is not necessarily excelling at making friends. Egads. Don’t make me take back my love for you, Mario! While Lily tries to explain why everyone is upset with him, there’s a hilarious shot of Nellie sitting back with her eyes wide, clearly thinking, “Whoa, drama! Gonna keep my mouth shut always!” Probably smart, Nellie.

And then the call back list is up. Lily, Charlie, and Mario take their dramatic walk up to the board and then —


Wait a second.


Everyone is called back! No one loses this week! I actually was surprised, but glad. All I have to say is, you guys better thank Taryn for quitting last week and making this cop out possible!

There was much rejoicing and hugging and happiness! Charlie, you can keep flirting obnoxiously with Aylin! All is not lost!

The preview for next week seems to be full of awkward sexy dance moves. And I am all. for. that!

Were you happy with the decision to keep everyone this week? Who do you think should have gone?

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