“The Glee Project” Recap (2.02): “Dance-ability”

So after crying it out in the back room, Robert comes in and tells them the results have been posted. Robert is so sincere with the kids; I really like him. So Dani, Tyler, and Lily walk out to hear the bad news as a united front, linked arm in arm. And maybe I’m just really tired ,but this actually teared me up a bit. Oh, show.

I knew it wouldn’t be Tyler, because despite being in the bottom twice now, his performance was really solid. I was hoping it would be Lily. Although I actually really didn’t like any of the choices in this bottom three — I feel like there were other people who definitely could have been in the bottom instead — I wanted it to be Lily.

It was Dani.


Our girl didn’t even get a real chance. Getting kicked off on the second episode of a reality show is the worst; I feel like it’s even worse than being the first one to go. The first episode, everyone is freaked out and frantic; everything is uncertain. But now, you’ve made it past the first round, so you’re granted that slippery, sometimes deceiving, sometimes glorious notion: hope.

I also have questions about how exactly the judging works. While Robert, Zach, and Nikki definitely discuss their own thoughts about the bottom three performers, it seems like Ryan Murphy then says, “IT SHALL BE THIS ONE.” And the other three then don a serious, grim face with maybe a quiet nod, like, “Yeah,” and that seems to be it. Can they argue? Or is Ryan Murphy the end-all-be-all? I reject your fascism, Glee Project!

Anyway. In truth, Dani shouldn’t feel that bad about herself at all. Every criticism was never about her talent; it was about her not being Glee enough. And lady, not being Glee enough isn’t something you should feel bad about. The bottom line: someone give this girl a damn recording contract so she can stop torturing herself on these reality TV shows.

Although these reality TV shows have shown you to the world, Dani, and AfterEllen.com can tell you that the world is excited!

So, as Avril says, keep holding on.

What did you think? Will you keep watching The Glee Project now that Dani’s gone?

Aside from not being able to quit things I’ve gotten sucked into, I still personally want to see how Tyler and Mario and Aylin and all the rest of them end up faring throughout the rest of the season.

Plus, in the preview for next week’s show, we got to hear a preview of some golden lines such as: “They used to call me a crack baby,” and, after a girl gets thrown on the ground, “What you gonna do, bitch?” Draaaaama! Gold! I am there.

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