“The Glee Project” Recap (2.02): “Dance-ability”


Concept for the Video for the Important Song (yeah, there are concepts, too): high school house party. Oh yeah, this won’t be any fun at all.

Zach the Choreographer introduces the idea of spin the bottle for the video; everyone giggles. Does anyone even play spin the bottle at high school house parties? I guess everyone getting drunk and acting stupid wouldn’t have been as camera friendly.

I’ve never actually played spin the bottle, and although I’m sure it does occur, I always picture it as being one of those legendary teenager myths that only occur in books and movies. Maybe after they play spin the bottle, they’ll write in their slam books!

So during the filming, it’s sort of strange because first of all only half the people are in the spin the bottle circle (why were half of them left out?), and they actually make them kiss and stuff. Not that I’m offended by watching people make-out (come on), but it seems a bit voyeuristic of the show since the whole thing is just for filming-a-video purposes. You could have filmed the spinning bottle and people’s laughing faces and it would have been fine.

Anyway, but Pumped About the Hot Guys Aylin gets to make out with everybody, so she’s happy. She and Charlie from Chicago have previously been doing this flirty thing on a couch which I didn’t mention because it was boring. Except for this quote from Charlie, which I found somewhat entertaining: “She’s sexy and has hella swagger. I mean, talent is a real turn on for me.” Right, which is why you mentioned absolutely nothing about talent in that first sentence. Oh Charlie.

But so Aylin makes out with Blake during spin the bottle and Charlie gets pouty and jealous, so then Aylin makes out with him, too. A word of advice, dear Aylin: Making out with boys just so they won’t feel bad is not a path you want to go down.

We also see in a quick clip later that she also apparently kissed Competitive Lily! Which is sort of funny since I think they hate each other.

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