“The Glee Project” Recap (2.02): “Dance-ability”

So moving on! Let’s meet our Famous Person Mentor for the week! Yeah, there’s also one of those. See, I knew I was missing stuff. They started off big last week with Lea Michele. This week we have the newest cast member of Glee, and the winner of last year’s Glee Project, Samuel Larson.

Samuel Larson seems like a genuinely great guy. Listen though, when is Naya coming? I just want it to be Naya. Always. Come soon, Naya. We need your face.

But Pumped About the Hot Guys Aylin is REALLY PUMPED about Samuel, y’all. Because he is “SO HOT.” I love Aylin.

Performance time for “We Got the Beat.” I feel like performing these homework songs must be super awkward for them because they’re just performing it for Robert and whatever Famous Person Mentor there is, who both just sort of stand in the corner of the room. Performing for a crowd = exhilarating! Performing for two people = Oh Lord, the worst.

Still, the dancing and overall vibe of this song seems really energetic and fun and great. Although if you’re trying out for a show like Glee and you can’t make “We Got the Beat” energetic and fun, you fail. So, good job not failing, kids! The most exciting part, though, was for the first time we really got to hear Our Girl Dani belt it out. When she sings “Everybody get up on your feet,” it’s so strong and has a little growl for a second and is just good and I wanted to shout “Yeah, girl!” (because remember, she is actually a girl, not Justin Bieber; I know it’s so easy to get confused).

Oh, and apparently Sweet Ali must have won in the end because she did indeed sing the “round and round” part. Sorry, Mario from Maryland. Keep voicing your good ideas anyway.

Robert and Samuel are also real excited about the song! Robert says it may be the best homework assignment they’ve ever seen! Aww. Samuel highlights a few kids who did a great job, and then selects Abraham With the Red Hair as the winner of this section. Abraham is obviously excited but in a very humble-but-not-annoying way, like, “Me, really?” Abraham is cute. I like Abraham.

Which now brings us to the announcement of the Actual Important Song for the Episode: LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” Some of the kids scream and jump up and down. Are you really that excited for a song we’ve all heard a million gajillion times? I mean, I’m glad if you are, I guess. I would’ve been OK with some more Go-Go’s, but, I’ll get over it.

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