The gays rescue the tragic “People’s Choice Awards”


Elton John made his first TV appearance since announcing his fatherhood, and was given a standing ovation. It was a sweet moment.

The final highlight was when Pauley Perrette announced the award for — well, I don’t remember, because I was too busy appreciating her dress. Pauley has become one of the great equality advocates of the last few years, and she wins the award for Best Dressed.

As for the lowlights, take your pick. I almost didn’t get through the first ten minutes because it featured host Queen Latifah (who was atrocious) giving us a sneak peek at The Dilemma. Um, thanks?

The first award was for Favorite Comedy Actor, presented by a dazed and confused Jennifer Aniston to Adam Sandler, who proceeded to prove why he’s actually one if the unfunniest people on the face of the earth. And to add insult, he brought the other two unfunniest people on the face of the earth onstage, David Spade and Rob Schneider.

I mentioned that Queen Latifah was atrocious last night, and in all honesty, she had me reaching for the mute button numerous times. It was cringe-inducing. Below you can see her attempt to interview those vapid reality sisters. it’s not pretty.

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