“The Fosters” recap (2.5): Panic! at the woodshed

At the House of Burgers, Callie is doing her best “out, out damn spot” on the table and Daphne tells her to chill out before she takes the paint off. Daphne asks what is going on and Callie tries to work through her panic with Wyatt. She thinks it’s because she still loves Brandon (ABC Family, you need to fuck off with your #Brallie4Ever hashtags. Seriously, pick your spots, people). But when she stands up and looks into the restaurant and sees Liam. She starts to panic again until the guy turns around and it’s clearly not Liam.

Lena thanks Brandon for calling her. He takes a moment to remind her that he had no other options since none of his siblings can drive and Stef would have read him the riot act. Lena says they love him unconditionally. She shouldn’t have to say this since he committed every felony possible last season and they haven’t shown signs of disciplining him at all. He says nothing will ever be the same again. She’s like, dude it was a pot brownie! Then he tells her that he slept with Dani. Dani, Lena is going to kill you with her bare hands and her super mama strength.

At the precinct, Stef runs into Mike and he says he’s no longer working doubles and better get home or risk the wrath of his rapist girlfriend. Back at home, Jesus is mad at Mariana for telling Emma that he was with Hayley. He tries to tell her that his love life isn’t her business. She fires back that his bad choices are not her fault and that he’s a terrible boyfriend. He accuses her of just trying to stay popular on the dance team. Hey, they’re both right!

Lena comes to talk to Brandon and he begs her not to tell anyone about Dani. She says what happened was illegal and she won’t promise to keep it from Stef. When your moms are both mandatory reporters of sexual abuse, they really don’t have a choice. He’s afraid Mike will fall off the wagon and will never see Brandon the same way again. Brandon, you aren’t responsible for the adults in your life, they are responsible for you.

Fosters 20510

Callie walks in and tries to talk to Jude. He’s still playing video games. She reminds him that they are a good team and then sends a message on the screen (her screen name CallieAmity and his is Judicorn, naturally). She tells him that she thought she saw Liam and he stops playing and holds her hand.

Stef follows Mike to a shitty hotel. He changes out of his uniform and walks into one of the rooms. She almost leaves but then heads for the door. Stef, the last time you pulled something like this you ended up shot, so maybe think twice? She knocks on the door and guess who opens it, Ana. Apparently, she’s not dead yet.

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