“The Fosters” recap (2.10): Groundhog Day


Back at home Jude apologizes and Lena tells him it’s not his fault. She knew Connor wasn’t supposed to sleep at their house but she didn’t think the rules applied to the tent convention. Jude says maybe he and Connor shouldn’t be friends and Lena tells him it’s not the answer. Jude is concerned as to whether Connor’s dad hit him and Lena says he didn’t hit him in the face. After he goes, Stef suggests that maybe Jude should make other friends with non-crazy parents and Lena tells her that with that kind of attitude we would never had a civil rights movement. OK, so it’s hyperbole day, I guess. Stef asks about the new principal and Lena flounces out of the room noting that Monty is more supportive than her wife.

Fosters 2105

Jesus is looking at his atrocious tattoo when Mariana wants into the bathroom to get some nail polish. He wraps a towel around his chest, which she pulls off and is so excited to tell the moms about their idiot son. To shut her up, Jesus agrees to do anything Mariana wants.

Mariana picks going with her to meet Ana. Mike leads them in, Stef says she will stay with the kids and then sends them to the couch to listen to what Ana has to say. Ana thanks Stef for allowing her to speak to the kids and Stef tells her that it was up to the kids. Ana can’t think of how to start to apologize for being a terrible mother. So she says she is most ashamed of loving getting high more than she loved her kids. Ana has been a great villain on this show. It was easy to hate her which is what made this scene more surprising for me. I couldn’t help feeling for her and for the kids and for Stef all at once.

Fosters 2106

Back at Anchor Beach, we’ll assume Jesus and Mariana are cutting school, Lena is explaining that she has to send a letter about bullying to the district and Monty tells her to stop right there. Lena can’t use her position as Vice Principal to retaliate against Connor dad because he’s being a douchenozzle about Jude. Lena tells her that she’ll use her position as a parent instead.

In the hall, Connor asks Jude why he didn’t just ask Connor if his dad used his face as a punching bag. Jude did ask and Connor wouldn’t answer. Judicorn knows what it’s like to get hit and to be afraid to speak up, so he spoke up for Connor. Connor asks if Jude told Lena about what they did in the tent, Jude didn’t but of course now we all want to know.

Back at Mike’s house of self-guided AA, Ana wants to know if Mariana has anything to say. Woo boy, does she ever. She tells Ana that she feels nothing because Ana is nothing more than a sad stranger to her. Stef’s a little teary when Mariana storms by on her way for the door. Jesus tells Ana not to cry and she stops him. She reminds him that he always took care of her no matter how horrible she was. Suddenly, everything with Hayley makes a lot more sense to Stef.

Fosters 2107

Back at home, Mariana is lying on her bed looking miserable when Lena comes in. It’s nice to see Lena these days without a potted plant, sofa, pillow fort, or cello in front of her hiding Sherri Saum’s pregnancy. Mazel Tov on the twins, we’re thrilled you’re no longer a floating head! Mariana is ready to call Lena out on some bullshit. Remember that time you told me DNA doesn’t make a family and then you turned into a crazy sperm seeking missile? What the hell was that, Mom? Lena starts to answer but Mariana is pretty done with people today and says it sucks that she’ll always be adopted and that she’ll always be connected to Ana. Lena wishes that she could have carried Mariana and that she could have been there for her from the beginning. The thing she learned when she lost Frankie was that you carry a baby for a short time in your womb but you carry them forever in you heart. She tells Mariana that giving birth to her wouldn’t make her love her more just like it wouldn’t make Mariana love Lena more either.

Have you ever unfolded a map and then not been able to figure out how to refold it back into it’s original, crisp package? Suddenly, it’s seems gigantic and you can’t figure out where it folds and you can’t put it all back the way it was before. I think kids are like that. I don’t think it matters where they come from. They unfold you like that map. Your heart, your mind, your imagination, your capacity to love unfolds and instead of only seeing the edges of part of the little map; the limits of your town or city, the limits of your own experience, you can see the whole landscape. They pull you out of yourself, they take off your little blinders, and give you the means to see with new eyes. Your heart unfolds whether you’re related by blood or love or random circumstance and there’s nothing you can do to fold it back in again.

After they hug, Mariana has a favor to ask.

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