“The Fosters” recap (1.03): Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the guiltiest of all?

Mariana watches Callie come into the room and flop onto her bed before telling Callie that she didn’t read the journal. She says she understands what it’s like not to trust anyone, to just be passed from place to place and to have to get to know a new person everywhere she goes. She says she understands what it’s like not to feel safe and not to trust, but that she didn’t read the journal.

Brandon knocks on Mike’s door. Mike’s surprised because Brandon is supposed to move in the next day. Brandon says he can’t move in and Mike’s face is a mirror image of Stef’s when Brandon announced he was leaving. But, like Stef, Mike rises to the occasion. He chokes back his disappointment and says it’s okay and that it was always about Brandon making the choice that was right for him. Brandon cries and grips his dad. While they hug Brandon notices that Mike has rented a piano for him. Mike pulls a smile and assures Brandon he can come play it any time. Jeez, the last time I got this emotional about a piano, Mary-Louise Parker bought it for Whoopi Goldberg. I feel bad for everyone in this; Brandon for being torn between his parents and Mike for being a good dad and coming up short. I didn’t want Brandon to move in with him but Mike’s not a bad father or a bad guy. He wants more of a connection with his kid but not at the expense of his son’s happiness.

“Oh I love this movie, it’s such a classic.”

Back at home, everyone is waiting to watch a movie, including Talya and Lexi. Stef and Lena appear with popcorn that probably took all of the six burners of their huge stove and twenty minutes to pop. While they pass it out Jude asks for suggestions of the names for a bad guy because he has to write a story for school and he needs a name for a villain. Stef suggests the name of a drug dealer they just busted, Lena suggests her boss’ name, and Talya suggests Liam. God, if that girl ends up murdered, everyone in San Diego will come out to the funeral and cheer.

“Quick go date Emily Fields, we’ll celebrate your murder next week.”

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