“The Fosters” recap (1.03): Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the guiltiest of all?

Callie finds Brandon and tells him that ever so helpful Talya let her know that Brandon is moving out. Callie asks if it’s because she and her brother moved in and looks genuinely concerned that they not be the reason that Brandon is leaving his otherwise happy home. Guilt alert! Quick go write it down in your little notebook. He assures her that she and Jude are not to blame but doesn’t really look like he knows the real reason either.

Lexi is waiting for Jesus on a beach. Apparently, her feet a little dirty and she could use the old wash job from the man himself. Jesus tries to sneak out of detention but he runs into Argus Filch in the form of his twin sister who actually thanks him for taking the fall for her. He tells her it’s no big deal and then he runs off in his laser school picture background inspired t-shirt and stares at Lexi before going back to detention. Mariana, cockblocking your brother, let’s add that to the list of how you’re the worst. Later Lexi and Jesus are walking on the beach and she calls him out for standing her up. He says that it’s not a good idea for them to see each other and because of Mariana. Lexi says, that’s bullshit because Ron got over his best friend dating his sister so Mariana will too. He walks off because he’s an idiot.

“At least Laser isn’t my name, like in that shitter of a movie about gay moms.”

Callie, Shane, and Timothy are sitting in the classroom and Callie says maybe we’re just not writers. Timothy challenges them to get one thing out of their heads and onto paper because writing is a hostile act that takes courage. Timothy learned motivational speaking on the playground and could have saved time by just calling Callie a chicken. She writes one word, “Liam” on the page before we cut away.

Brandon bounces down the stairs and is surprised when Mike says he is going to cook for them. Stef warns Brandon to be careful if it’s anything other than pasta but despite her jokes about the cooking she looks pained as she closes the door. Lena understands and offers a simple “I know,” a chin placed on Stef shoulder, and shared look. Stef kisses Lena’s cheek, pulls a tight smile, and walks out of the room. I can’t help but be impressed with the writing that is allowing the actors to show what their marriage is without having Shakespearean soliloquies about it. These women have been together long enough to know that a look, two words, and an offered cheek is enough.

Callie is lying on her bed and still writing in her journal. Apparently, Timmy’s pep talk opened the floodgates and Callie’s journalling like an Ezbian. Mariana texts on her bed and eyes Callie with curiosity. When Callie gets up to get a snack she tucks her journal between several other books. Mariana stares at the books but doesn’t move.

Mike pulls a couple baked potatoes out of the oven, tells Brandon they can eat in front of the television, and offers to move his dining room table to make room for Brandon’s keyboard. He does everything but offer to take him to IKEA. We get it, Mike, you really want Brandon to move in. Brandon checks out the ship model his dad made and tells him it’s pretty darn cool. Brandon, those suckers come in a box with directions that little kids can follow. But yeah, go ahead and tell your dad he did such a good job with his paint by numbers. They watch a movie and when Mike says it’s time for Brandon to get home Brandon says he can stay to finish the movie.

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