“The Fosters” recap (1.9): “You had me at lesbian”

We travel into another flashback of Stef meeting the twins. She walks past two tiny children at the police station and asks another cop why the kids are there. Their foster parents dropped them off, said they couldn’t take care of them anymore. Stef crumples a little and then hauls out lollipops for the kids. She introduces herself, jokes with them a little, and offers the candy. Jesus takes it and then takes the other one to hand to Mariana who is so shy she doesn’t even look Stef in the face. Stef’s face is as warm as we are used to, creased with concern, and she stops just short of saying “my babies” to these abandoned kids.


Back at the house, Mariana is going through the stuff her mom asked her to clean out and there’s no time like guilt time for a little sprucing up. Jesus grabs Mariana’s blanky and then she pulls out the framed poem that the moms gave them on their adoption day. It ends with a line “No we didn’t give you the gift of life/Life gave us the gift of you.” Mariana’s eyes fill with tears and she asks Jesus “What if they don’t want us anymore?”

Brandon is in Stef and Lena’s room staring at Stef’s uniforms. Callie startles him when she walks in and he says he doesn’t know what clothes to pick out for Lena. She moves to the closet and starts talking to him about when his moms asked him if it was okay for the twins to come live with them and he said yes because he figured there was enough to go around. Callie says he doesn’t understand what it’s like not to have enough or to wonder why the people who brought you into the world and were supposed to love you the most didn’t. Her voice carries her emotion as she talks. She pulls it back together to tell him not not be a jackass.


Brandon walks downstairs and apologizes to the twins for being an ass. He tells them that they are his brother and sister and that their moms are their moms. Callie smiles as she hears them talking.  They’re all startled by a knock on the door. After Jesus arms himself with a Little League trophy they open the door to find the Judicorn. Connor’s parents told him what happened and he just really wanted to be home with everyone. Callie chastises him for sneaking out and walking home in the middle if the night but wraps the little nugget tight in her arms.

All the kids are camping out in the living room. Jude can’t sleep because he’s thinking about his mom. He wakes up Callie and asks if Stef is going to die. Callie assures him that no, she’ll be fine because this family isn’t like theirs, this family is lucky. Brandon overhears the conversation and when he finds Callie making biscuits and gravy the next morning asks her how she ended up in foster care. Callie’s dad drove drunk, crashed into another car and killed her mom, and the people in the other car. He went to prison and she and Jude didn’t have anywhere else to go so they ended up in the foster system. She used to write her dad letters but he stopped answering them. Brandon asks if he’ll come back for her and for Jude when he gets out and Callie says she doubts it. Brandon apologizes and Callie tells him it’s not his fault. He stands up and hovers too close to her and brushes her hair out of her face. Wyatt happens to show up in time to see this cozy little scene through the window. Wyatt has donuts for everyone.  Brandon is awkward and says “Thanks, man” taking us back to their first interaction when Brandon bristled at Wyatt calling him “dude” and “bro.”  The phone rings, Stef’s going into surgery, and Wyatt has the good manners to look like he’s socking away his jealousy for later.


At the hospital everyone is sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Callie and Wyatt escape the land of awkward and Judicorn takes his old soul over to sit next to Lena. He puts his little hand on hers and solidifies the Jacobs kids as the MVPs of the Foster-Adams household. Captain Roberts walks in and talks to Mike. He’s only going to get in a little trouble but he has to quit the drinking. He protests but she tells him the band-aid he put on it before, during the divorce, isn’t enough. He nods and say he’ll take care of it. He stalks off to have a cup of coffee.

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