“The Fosters” recap (1.9): “You had me at lesbian”

The twins are sitting off to the side and start sniping at each other about whose fault it was that their mom got shot. Brandon walks in and hugs Lena. The doctor pops out and says that Stef is stable and that they need to move her but that Lena can see her. Brandon glowers at the twins and Roberts tells Mike he can’t see Stef until he talks to internal affairs. Mike blusters about it being a clean shoot and the boss reminds him that there are other things going on, like why the hell were they at the house in the first place?


The doctor leads Lena back into the ER and she sort of creeps in.  There are bloody bandages on the floor and the person standing by Stef flips a drape over the wound in Stef’s chest as Lena gets closer. Lena grabs Stef’s hand and tells her they are all there and that the kids are fine. We get the first flashback of the episode. Lena holds out her hand to a very flustered Stef. Both have dated hair and dated clothes and the stilted conversation of people who are surprised to have encountered perfection on what otherwise seemed like a regular day in San Diego. Stef stumbles over an explanation of where her husband is, but, sure, she would be happy to let Lena show her around Brandon’s new school.


Lena’s back in the waiting room telling everyone Stef is fine, she’s good. She’s trying to disguise her terror at seeing Stef with a tube down her throat and a gash in her chest. She’s keeping to together until the reception lady asks for Mrs. Foster’s insurance information. Lena snaps at her but regroups and leaves to fill out the paperwork. Brandon fills the void by asking Mike why Stef wasn’t wearing her vest.  Mike gets pulled away to talk to internal affairs and Brandon turns on the twins. Callie tries to step in but he lights them up. He thought they wanted nothing to do with their birth mother, he thought they said she was a drug addict and a con artist. He says that because of them his mom got shot. They took the twins in when no one else wanted them. Callie tells Brandon to walk away. “He’s just scared, he doesn’t mean it” she tells the twins.

Mike’s talking to the internal affairs guys who want to know why they were there and if it was a personal matter why is he in uniform? Mike answers and they want to know if maybe they were there to intimidate the birth mother who just wanted to contact her kids. Mike snaps that Stef and her partner adopted the kids and the guys ask him if his wife’s a lesbian?  He says she’s his ex-wife and doesn’t understand what any of this has to do with the shooting. We just want to know the dynamics they say. Until Stef can talk to internal affairs, Mike is getting two cops to babysit so he can’t talk to her.  Mike says it’s was a clean shoot. He’s said that twice now.

Brandon sits down next to Lena. She asks where everyone else is and he says, “Well I was a dick to everyone down there so they’re taking their time.”  He confesses that he knew Mariana was in touch with her birth mom but that he thought it was a one time thing just to give her money. Lena says, “So you knew she was the one selling Jesus’ meds?” Brandon says he should have told them but that he didn’t think. Lena tells him this is what happens when people don’t think. There are plenty of guilty feelings to go around tonight, thanks for making sure everyone got some, Lena.


Mariana asks Callie where Jude is. Finally, someone notices the little Yoda is missing. Yoda is teaching Connor how to use a light saber at a sleepover and Callie didn’t want to interrupt. Jesus asks Mike if they found Ana at the women’s shelter. Mike says she went in and then left but she won’t get far on the few bucks Jesus gave her. Jesus asks if Mike shot Ana’s boyfriend and is pleased when Mike says yes and the guy is dead. Mike tells him it’s never good when someone gets killed.

Who else yelled “TED!” at the screen when you saw the doctor come out? Way to call in an old friend, Peter Paige, way to go.  Ted is playing a neurosurgeon (a long way from his accountant/porn king ways). He explains that Stef will need surgery to remove bullet fragments so they don’t migrate to her spinal column. Lena leads the way to ICU but stops to warn them all about the tubes in Stef’s throat “it looks scary, but it’s just there to help her breath.” Sherri Saum is so good in this episode. I know most weeks I just rattle on about her glorious hair and gorgeous face (because I have eyes) but for this episode to pack the punch it does it’s because her performances is so damn good.  She manages to convey the mix of concern for her partner while dealing with the reality that being a mom means making sure everyone else is okay even if you just want someone to hold you. Ted tells her that just immediate family can visit. Lena says “Callie, come on,” but Callie opts to stay in the waiting area.


They gather around Stef for a moment. Lena tells Stef she’s doing really well before herding everyone out. She asks Brandon to take everyone home so they can get some sleep. He asks to have Mike do it, and Lena tells him that Mike has enough on his plate right now. She’s running on an undercurrent of anger, directed at just about anyone. She tells the twins Brandon is in charge and sends him home to take care of everyone. She wants him to bring her some clothes in the morning. Lena goes back to Stef’s side and lets herself show a few cracks. She tells Stef she’s trying hard to forgive the twins but that’s she’s doing a terrible job of it. Unsaid is her wish for Stef to be okay to help her forgive them. There’s a plaintiveness to her voice, a plea that Stef not leave her to parent their kids on her own.

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