“The Fosters” recap (1.8): Kiss her goodbye


Over dinner, Gretchen stirs the pot some more by saying they broke up because Lena wanted to marry her and Gretchen wouldn’t commit.  Stop trying to make fetch happen, Gretchen!  Lena calls bullshit and says no they broke up because Gretchen was screwing Cherie Jaffe and Lena’s best friend.  Gretchen tries to play innocent and says she didn’t mean to stir up trouble, and Lena cements her place in my heart by saying “Didn’tcha, though?”  They escort Gretchen out, but the damage has been done.

moms fight

There’s a funny thing about being with someone for a long time.  At the start, it’s all new and surprising and you can just fill your pockets with every tiny piece of information.  Like you find out her middle name and the name of her first dog. You gorge on the feast of facts about your girl.  You know she hates lima beans and you know how she used to force them down as a kid because her parents made her clean her plate.  You know her most embarrassing stories and her most triumphant.  Then the flood tapers off to a trickle.  You start to feel like you know everything about her.  So new information becomes like a present that arrives unexpectedly in the mail, or money you find in the pocket of pants you haven’t worn in a month.  They are treasured moments of new in an ocean of familiar, a new constellation in a sky where you thought you had mapped every star.  But no one likes to learn the new secrets like this.  No one wants to feel left out, excluded from a part of the woman you love where another was allowed to wander.  It’s embarrassing and it can make you wonder if you are unworthy to know that someone else has seen a part of the woman you love that she hid from you.

Stef is hurt that Lena wanted a wedding and never said anything.  Lena is pissed that Stef invited the ex to dinner and just as they start to get into it over Lena keeping things from Stef and Stef being an ass, Mariana shows up ready to tell the truth.

stef jacket

She thinks Jesus is at Ana’s house, where nothing is childproof and everything is a death trap. Stef grabs her gun and heads out the door without kissing Lena good bye.  Stef, you do not tempt the fates by not kissing her good-bye.  You never leave without saying I love you.  This is the first rule and you should know better.

stef house

After some scenes I don’t care about (sorry Callie, Wyatt, Talya and Brandon) Stef rolls up to the sketchy house.  A minute later, Mike arrives because Lena called him for back up.  As a feminist I’m offended, but as someone who wants to see Stef in her leather jacket some more, I’m thankful.  They see drugs through the open front door and go into the house. The episode ends with shots, so many shots, being fired.

Next week we’ll find out what happened at the OK Corral.  Until then, let’s chat about this episode.  What did you think?

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