“The Fosters” recap (1.6): “People can surprise you”


Back at the party, Callie watches as Wyatt gets more worked up, more violent in his desire to break down his house, and more vehement in his desire to get others to do the same.  She follows him into his old bedroom where he is smashing the wall and anything else he can find with a crowbar.  She’s scared of his violent outburst but closes the door and stands by as he burns himself out. Eventually he falls to the ground and Callie cradles his head and assures him that while they can take the brick and mortar that housed his childhood they cannot take his memories, his experiences, and what those thing meant to him. They kiss and it’s sweet and filled with comfort and meaning and it has nothing to do with Brandon or anyone else. Callie cares for the hair model and maybe she is the best person to see through the hurt that has him destroying a house and acting out because the fourth grader who drew a mural in his closet is still hurting and the bank is taking his canvas.  He picks up the crowbar again and punches out part of his mural to take with him.

callie wyatt

They start to leave and Callie looks for Mariana.  She runs into drunk Talya instead who apologizes, sort of, for being jealous.  Calle says she never had anything to worry about from Callie and Talya nods and says that may be true but that Brandon likes Callie.

Back at dinner Stef’s dad is still at it, asking the Riveras how they can pick and choose the teachings of the church they like and still be Catholic.  The Riveras school his ass in the ways that people always pick and choose what parts of the Bible to follow otherwise Red Lobster would be out of business and none of us would know the delight of bacon.  They bring it home by asking Gramps how he can sit at the table and claim to love his family and not support his daughter’s right to marry Lena.  He starts to say he believe marriage is between a man and a woman before Stef and Lena shut him down.  Jesus pipes up that there is nothing that anyone could say that would make him change the way he feels about his family and that his moms should have a little faith in him.  It’s a fair point Jesus, but hard to hear from a 15-year-old who got a stranger to buy the morning after pill for his girlfriend and, as far as the moms know, sold his meds at school for a quick buck.  When you ask your parents to have faith in you it helps not to have a record of screw ups as long as your arm.


Back at the party, Callie finds a very drunk Mariana before running into Liam.  He tells her she looks great, he can’t believe how much she’s grown in two years.  She refuses to meet his eyes and tries to walk past him. He takes issue with Callie poking around, asking questions about him and generally getting her Nancy Drew on.  He grabs her and, frankly, is pretty large and menacing.  Wyatt shows up and Liam plays nice.  As they leave with Mariana they call to a very drunk Talya who is dancing in the center of a bunch of guys taking pictures of her.  Talya won’t come with them so they leave without her.

stef dad porch

Stef’s and her dad are trading jabs about typical WASP nonsense. Her dad says that he wanted to talk to her after their conversation earlier.  She starts to tell him he doesn’t have to say anything but he keeps talking.  He says he’s sorry for putting her through that as a kid and that he’s sorry if making her talk to that minister drove a wedge between her and god.

Teri Polo’s face is typically brilliant.  Her eyes fill with tears but the rest of her face only flinches the smallest amount as she hugs her arms close to her chest.  These are words she’s probably imagined hearing for years.  Maybe they don’t have the impact they would have earlier in her life but hearing your parents admit they were wrong, admit they caused you pain, and acknowledge your anguish is a powerful thing. Even stoic Stef, with her quips and walls built to prevent harm can’t help but feel this.  Lena walks out and Stef sucks in her tears and tells her that her dad apologized for the religion stuff.  Lena says, “Hey, people can surprise you” and Stef says maybe it’s fine for Jesus to go to the Jesus camp since they went to the trouble of naming it after him and all.

stef dad smirk

For many of us, being gay was the first thing we did that truly disappointed our parents but in return it was the first time our parents broke a promise to us.  The first time we found out that their promise of “unconditional love” actually came with conditions and rules and lines we could not cross.  Some of us escaped relatively unscathed only to watch someone we love sent to a priest or a therapist because their parents thought they needed help finding the path back to normal.  And even though the years go by that wound exists.  Sometimes it’s just a scar and sometimes it feels as raw as it did when we were kids.  Some of us never get over it, and our parents never get over it.  But sometimes, if you wait long enough, if you can grit your teeth and hold your tongue and prove your worth has nothing to do with your love, something incredible happens.

Sometimes the people who disappointed you as a teenager stand at your wedding and give a toast about how folks are just folks.  It may have taken seven years that’s just how long it took to realize that love really is just love, and their daughter is happy and breathtaking on her wedding day.  And sometimes, if you wait another seven years you might be surprised to discover that that same person who thought a visit to a priest was the only answer has found a church that allows him to love his daughter and his daughter-in-law and their two crazy kids without telling him that he can’t also love Jesus.  Sometimes, if you wait long enough, if you can hold out and wait and swallow your hurt, people surprise you.  While it can never undo the hurt, it is the most incredible healing balm for those wounds.

stef knows

Callie is trying to sneak Mariana into the house and Marians is cooperating about as well and Molly Ringwald’s sister in Sixteen Candles when she’s triple-dosed her muscle relaxers.  Callie gives Mariana gum, the foolproof plan of high school drunkards everywhere, and tries to get her up the stairs.  No dice.  Mariana has to go say hi to the Riveras.  Mariana stumbles a bit and Stef, Lexi, and everyone else realize quickly that Mariana is not quite herself and try to end the night immediately.  Mariana has other plans.  When Lexi’s mom mentions that Jesus is coming to Bible camp Mariana asks “what you’re going to let them spend the night together when you know they are having sex?”  Oh girl.  Help me, help you.  Every time you seem to be less terrible you go and act like a horrible teenager.  I know, we are all horrible at that age but honestly, take a lesson from Callie, please.

moms mariana

Lena and Stef stand over Mariana’s bed and ask if her drunk, lying ass, has anything to say for herself.  Oh Lena, I don’t ever want to make you mad but, man are you hot when you’re pissed.  They tell her they are going to continue the conversation in the morning which I take to mean at 6 a.m. while she mows the lawn.  They ask Callie whose idea it was and Callie balks at ratting Mariana out for reasons I do not understand but the moms realize Callie is the good girl who stayed sober and got the moron home safely.  Callie leaves Mariana water and Advil as she pathetically cradles the bear from Ana.  Callie checks her phone to find that Liam has commented on her picture of the tree.  He asks, “Is that the tree outside your bedroom window?”  Dude, that’s some creepy A Team shit right there.

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What did you think of the episode?  What do you think actually happened between Callie and Liam?

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