“The Fosters” recap (1.20): “Icarus”


Zac’s mom cuts in on Mariana’s dance and then starts asking Zac how he can flaunt the fact he screwing Mariana in front of all their friends and then storms off. I’ll take “Early Onset Alzheimer’s” for $200, please, Alex. Callie and Brandon step off the dance floor to chat. She starts saying how much she hates being there and they he goes off about how he hates that he has to be there for her whenever she needs him but she bails on him when he needs to talk to her.  She starts to say she was with Wyatt (who was living in his car, Brandon) and he says, “I’m still in love with you.” She explains, using small words so he can understand, that they are going to be siblings in a matter of days so just back off. He counters with the fact that they can be together, he’ll live at Mike’s and they won’t really be siblings. She calls him on the bullshit that is because if they aren’t really brother and sister, Lena and Stef won’t really be her moms. She needs a family, not a puppy dog chasing her around.

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He chases after her and she tells him they can’t keep doing this. The boy apparently has a hearing problem where “no” doesn’t penetrate his brain. He says what they have comes once in a lifetime. Then he pleads for her to tell him something to help him get over her. Do you want her to brush your teeth or tie your shoes too? She lies and says she had sex with Wyatt on their trip to Indiana. Brandon storms off and Callie gets called to the stage for the crowning of the King and Queen.

Outside Mariana and Zac are looking for his mom. Callie and Vico get crowned King and Queen and Callie gives a nice speech about rising above and how nice it feels to be wearing these wings everyone made of feathers and wax and they’re holding up nicely under the hot spotlights. Lena, and her broken spidey sense, is smiling and just so darn proud. At least she is until Talya is busy snitching to Sanchez about something. Turns out the drunk girls in the bathroom think Callie bought them the booze so they would vote for her.

Fosters 12011

Callie knows she’s being set up and Lena tries to convince Sanchez that it was her stupid idea for Callie to stay on the ballot. Callie tell Sanchez to check her purse because she doesn’t have an ID. Vico can barely spell his own name, for him to set all this up strains credulity. Stef arrives and wants to know what the hell is going on. Talk to your son, Stephanie.

Meanwhile, Emma is making out with her date who is getting a little extra handsy. Jesus storms in and shoves the guy against the wall to try to take his keys. Emma informs Jesus that she’s driving and he needs to mind his own business.  Zac and Mariana find his mom sitting on a bench, overlooking the water. She doesn’t recognize Zac at all.

When they dump out Callie’s purse they find a fake ID. She says it’s not hers but it has her face on it and her name and none of them think anyone could pull of this elaborate of a hoax, either so they don’t believe her. Brandon confronts Vico, who seems to have all his bases covered. Brandon is pissed and goes at Vico but Wyatt breaks it up and tells him if he knows anything about the shit going down with Callie he better go fix it, pronto. Wyatt, please never leave us again.

A cop is asking Callie why anyone would go through all this trouble to get back at her. Brandon walks in and takes the blame. He was so mad at her for not giving in to his myriad inappropriate advances that he set her up. He tells how he made the IDs and stole her phone and shows off his ID when they ask how he bought the alcohol. He takes the blame because now he understands that Callie never loved him. Oh come on, dude! You don’t get to be the hero here. This is the mess you made, you’re not a martyr. The cop asks what Stef wants him to do and she says “Arrest him.” Jude, you have favorite son sewn up for the foreseeable future, little buddy.

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Brandon gets led through the dance in cuffs but before he can go in the back of the cop car, Callie runs up and says that what she told him about Wyatt wasn’t true. At the precinct, Mike says the cops don’t want to do the paperwork on the charges so he and Stef get in the car and start asking questions. Brandon tells them everything, from making the IDs to bribing Ana. Golden boy, you’re in deep shit now.

Next week is the Season 1 finale.

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