“The Fosters” recap (1.19): Cups

Stef and Lena are having a relaxing afternoon at home surrounded by lad mags, a speculum (worst sex toy ever), and a Mr. Wizard chemistry set. Stef is pissed Lena won’t let her preview Timothy’s reading material before he spreads his seed in their bathroom.

Fosters 11910

Jesus has run out of ADHD meds and can’t find Spencer, Andrew, or Wei Wei to hook him up. Emma wanders over and starts talking math but Jesus can’t concentrate and tells her he has to grab something. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena are giving Spermothy tips on how to do his part for the war effort, as it were. It’s only slightly less awkward that the dinner party on The Office. Stef and Lena head out back giggling like a couple of teenagers and Timothy heads upstairs and tries to ignore the pictures of his boss everywhere.

Fosters 11911

Jesus comes comes home to hunt for some meds, not knowing that there is baby making going on. Remember last time he interrupted mom time with his morning after pill debacle? I like this interruption much better. Jesus runs into Timothy (they don’t shake hands, thank goodness) and Timothy tries to cover with an excuse of a parent-teacher conference. Timothy runs out back to warn the moms while Jesus goes digging through their bathroom for his meds. He discovers Timothy’s little swimming and screams, “MOMS!” He tries to explain what he found and they say they know and it’s time to break the news to everyone.

When they explain they are trying for a baby, Mariana gets all excited and asks for a girl. They break the news that Lena wants to carry the baby and Jesus jumps in to tell that Timothy is the donor and mimes how he almost walked in on Timothy walking the dog in moms’ bathroom. Jesus is indignant that he isn’t getting Brandon’s room because of a baby. The baby will sleep in the moms’ room Stef says and they want everyone on board because it’s really important to Lena. Yeah, time to get a clue, Lena. Your wife isn’t onboard. Brandon says Jesus can have his room for now and then gives Stef a lingering hug and says, “Don’t let go.” They say that developmentally toddlers and teenagers are basically the same. They struggle with wanting and fearing independence. This is what I try to remind myself about Brandon. He’s basically just a large toddler and right now he wants his mommy.

Mariana is playing the “no you hang-up” game with Zac. When he finally gives in and says good-bye she gets a call back and thinks he’s being all cutesy. Instead she gets threats from Mrs. Rogers. Ahh, now Mariana gets that this isn’t kooky, this is diagnosable.

Fosters 11912

The next day Jude is fiddling with his pocket knife while he and Callie, and the moms, wait for Donald to show up. Callie hurries to open the door and Donald pretends he hasn’t seen her in six years. He tells Jude he got tall and thanks the moms who are guarded but leave for the kitchen to let the Jacobs talk. Donald asks Jude what he’s holding and Jude looks a little disappointed his dad doesn’t remember immediately. It comes to him and Jude asks if his dad wants the knife back. Donald says no, he wants Jude to have it. He pulls out the paperwork and says he signed away his rights so they could get adopted. He wants them to know that he’s proud to be their dad and loves them more than they could ever know.

Fosters 11913

It was a hard scene to watch. I can’t fathom not recognizing my kids or having to give them up for any reason. The way the scene works is that Donald Jacob never thought he would either. He can’t compete with Stef and Lena. He doesn’t have a nice house to offer so it seems right to give them a chance to have something better. Jude asks for a hug and nearly breaks everyone’s heart. Callie walks him out. He says he thought about fighting for them. He’ll always be their dad but he’s just not a parent. “Take care of each other”, he says and Callie assures him, “We always do.” Excuse me, I ran out of tissues, be right back.

Callie goes back in and we can see the moms hugging Jude as she gives a last look after Donald before shutting the door.

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