“The Fosters” recap (1.15): “I love you, Daddy”

Mariana and Brandon are eating on the stairs and she asks if he and Callie are a couple now and makes the same face she did when she tried the licorice. Evil in my mouth, indeed. He says no, she just wants to be on her own and Mariana asks if he’s sure that’s really what she wants. He’s like “Yeah, I know I have a surplusage of parents and siblings but, really, who needs a family?”

Callie is in the kitchen helping clean up when Dana comes in and praises her for being such a helpful kid. She cuts to the chase and asks why Callie has decided she doesn’t want to be adopted. Callie says she’s sixteen going on seventeen and doesn’t need a family. Dana tells her that you don’t stop needing a family at eighteen and that family is there to help you through the tough stuff forever. Callie leaves and Dana turns her attention to telling Lena how to take out the garbage. Lena snaps and tells her mom that she loves her but she needs to leave her alone and stop telling her what to do. She doesn’t want to hear anything other than “I love you and I understand” from this day forward. Dana takes a moment to recover but then tells Lena that she’s proud of her for saying something but doesn’t know why it took her so long. Lena laughs through her tears and Dana tells her she better go talk to her wife about a baby.

Upstairs Jesus and Emma are flaunting the “no girls upstairs” rule to play computer games. Lexi calls to talk to Jesus and Emma answers. Lexi is a little taken aback to find her boyfriend hanging with another girl in his room and to find that his teammate looks a whole lot more like Haley from One Tree Hill than Karofsky from Glee.

Across the hall, Jude and Connor are still playing Ouija board and Jude asks his mom if it’s OK with her that he gets adopted. Connor and the spirits of Ouija make it say yes. Judicorn (and anyone with a functioning heart) tears up.

Down in the kitch Stef opens up the cupcakes and finds that the bakery screwed them up and sent over Dodgers cupcakes instead of Padres. Oh man, if they had only gotten it right this funeral would have rocked! Hold on to your hats folks because that is all it takes to let all the emotion simmering away beneath the surface to break free. Well, that and Callie losing her necklace. She starts tearing apart the kitchen looking for it. She looks in the trash and Lena suggests that if it’s lost they can get a replacement. Callie won’t let her finish the word, she runs out to the backyard leaving Jude to explain that the necklace belonged to their mother.

Jude follows her out back where she’s digging through the leaves. He tells her that she’s freaking him out and acting like she did when they found out their mom died. She says no, you freaked out and tore apart my room. He says no she did that, and she is pulled back into another flashback in which we watch as tiny Callie rips posters from the walls, breaks toys and furniture, and scares the bejeezus out of Jude.

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