“The Fosters” recap (1.07): “Hey, Jude!”

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Brandon tells Callie that she tried and that it’s now on Sarah, that it’s her choice. Callie says no, it’s not Sarah’s choice, just like it wasn’t her choice when Liam came into her room and forced her to have sex with him. Callie says she used to think that it was her fault but that it wasn’t. I’m sad that there is so much craziness happening in this episode because I think some of the nutty takes away from this storyline and that’s a shame. Maia Mitchell makes this show go. If she were a lesser actress these stories wouldn’t work. Instead she’s subtle and complex and able to more than pull off the conflicting emotions at work in all of these scenes. Callie has been all about self-preservation (and Jude preservation) but watching her find a way, in a home where her need for safety is taken care of, to go beyond that and to protect this other girl is pretty marvelous to watch. She’s got layers, that Callie, and I enjoy watching her peel the onion each week.

Back in the kitchen, Stef is trying to convince the Riveras that the cops won’t care about their immigration status and will just focus on finding Lexi. They look at her like she’s never met Dolores Umbridge and don’t know about hiding their blood status. Fortunately, Jesus and Mariana have Lexi with them and no one has to worry, for now. Lexi says she only came back because she knows they are all undocumented but if they try to send her to boarding school she’ll call immigration. Jude walks into this tense moment to say Connor’s mom is here to pick him up and that he’ll walk Connor to the door. Jude is a gentleman, folks. Before he leaves Connor gives Jude his video game player. I don’t care if you ship these two as friends or as boyfriends, they are adorable. So far Connor has shown himself to be a thoughtful, sensitive friend, and if he’s not interested in Jude as anything but a friend I hope he’ll remain his gentle, sensitive self and not hurt our little Jude too much.


Mariana and Jesus have a nice moment about Lexi and they are back to being on friendly terms, for now. The touching moment is broken up by a text from Ana asking where her money for rehab is. This can’t be good.

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Finally, Stef and Lena are relaxing on the couch after a ridiculous day filled with seventeen kinds of drama. They both look ready to do the backstroke in a vat of wine when Callie and Brandon walk in. Brandon starts to leave and Callie tells him he can stay as she starts to tell Stef and Lena about Liam.

This episode was wall-to-wall issues, what did you think?

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