“The Fosters” recap (1.07): “Hey, Jude!”


Then, like the Flying Tomato meets Landry Clarke, Wyatt comes out of nowhere and tackles Liam. They scuffle on the ground until Brandon comes and pulls Wyatt off of Liam. When Liam tries to run at Wyatt, Callie throws herself in the middle and tells Liam to get out of there. Once Liam hops in his car and speeds away, Callie tells Wyatt that he should have stayed out of it. He’s confused and she won’t look at him. He walks off in a huff and Brandon quietly walks up and stands beside Callie, like he’s trying not to spook her.

brandon callie

Callie and Brandon walk down the sidewalk, the ocean crashing beside them. They stroll, and the conversation matches their pace. Brandon asks what just happened and once Callie reveals that the guy was Liam, Brandon starts putting the pieces together. He thought Liam was their age, not 21. Once he starts doing the math of what it means for a thirteen or fourteen year old to be with her nineteen year old foster brother, the picture clears. He tells her that what Liam did wasn’t okay and she sort of nods along, and then says that the real problem is Sarah, the girl that lives with Liam’s family now, is even younger and she’s pretty sure he’s doing to her what he did to Callie.

Stef and Lena are in the kitchen and Lena is mad that her job is on the line because Stef gave Lexi the morning after pill and Stef is pissed that she can’t make all the groceries from Costco fit in their mammoth fridge. “Sure, honey, I know you could lose your job but would you just help me with this eighteen dozen eggs I bought?” Stef, you need to learn to say the words “I’m sorry” and put some actual feeling behind them because we love you but we do not love your behavior right now.

fight time out

Jude walks in and immediately thinks better of it. Lena says come on in, we’ve been having this same fight for a week or more. There are five kids in this house, you think we don’t know how to pick up where we left off whenever we’re done getting someone a snack, signing a permission slip, or telling you to clean up your shit? Please, we’re moms, this is what we do. He asks if he can have a friend over for a school project and Lena’s says sure anything for school. He lights up with a smile that would warm the grinchiest of hearts. Kid, milk this while you got it. As long as they think you are a social pariah they will let you have any person you want in your room, they’re just happy you have a friend. As soon as Jude leaves the room Stef and Lena pick the fight right back up where they left it before putting it right back down when it’s time to cook dinner.

jude smile

Later that night in the bedroom where they hold hands, Lena is taking her residual anger out on some throw pillows while Stef is brushing her teeth. Stef tries to lighten the mood by saying that it’s bad to go to bed angry. Lena’s not taking the bait. She says she has to sleep sometime. She flops onto the bed and Stef says good night. Fight time-out in effect until the morning, although I imagine Lena might kick a bit in the night, accidentally of course. Meanwhile, Mariana is sleeping the sound sleep of someone without a conscious and Callie is staring at the ceiling.

lena bed
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