“The Fosters” (1.02) recap: You lie, Stef. You lie.


Stef and Lena are sitting in their beautiful kitchen talking about what they want to do about Callie and Jude. Lena is having a hard time forgetting about seeing a man pointing a gun at her son and her wife. She knows it’s absurd to think but mostly she imagines Stef writing parking tickets or rescuing kittens from trees. Stef’s a little offended that her wife has her confused with a meter maid/cartoon firefighter but tries to push away Lena’s concerns because in order to do her dangerous job she can’t be thinking about how dangerous it is.

“Kittens up trees? Honey, you know that’s not how I like my pussy.”

Despite generally agreeing with Sean “it’s not your fault, Will” Maguire, Lena can’t help but connect that danger with Callie. Stef protests, saying that rushing into a house with her gun drawn is her job, it’s what she does. Lena does not like that her little imaginary world where her wife is not in harm’s way all day every day, has been shattered. Rather than dealing with the consequences of loving someone who has a dangerous job she’s deflected that fear and blame on Callie. Sorry Lena, but this is the price of loving a lady in uniform.

Before they can finish their chat, Bill arrives to talk about what to do with Callie and Jude. Back at Bayside, Talya sees Callie and circles around her like a hyena before finding Brandon and humping his leg. She’s annoyed that Callie is getting to stay but figures Brandon totally won’t develop a gross crush on his foster sister if she puts out so she confirms their date for Friday when her parents will be out of town (or Ravenswood, which may or may not be the same thing).

Bill is sitting at the kitchen table, apparently the only place in the Fosters’ house with working chairs, and fills everyone in on Callie’s backstory. Her mom died when she was ten and she and her brother haven’t been anywhere for more than six month since then because stuff just keeps happening to them. First, it was a snake at the zoo, then it was Aunt Marge blowing up like a balloon, then there were unconfirmed allegations of house elf shenanigans. Lena’s like, oh so last night is something we can expect on the regular? Bill apologizes and says it’s his fault for not connecting Callie with her brother. The upshot is Bill wants a permanent home for Callie and her brother Sam Weir/Lance Sweets, but Lena and Stef already have three teenagers. But Stef stares lovingly out the window at the joy that is a child who has not yet hit puberty.

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