“The Fosters” recap (1.14): “I must not throw books at Jesus”

Down in the kitchen the moms tell Jude that he can’t be fucking with Harry Potter and if he wants to toss a book at Jesus he should use like a dictionary or something. He promises not to do it again. After he leaves, the moms give up trying not to laugh and celebrate the fact that Jude called it “his room” and that he fought with Jesus like real brothers do, dirty and with whatever they have at hand. They celebrate this moment with a squeal and a hug. Nothing makes a parent prouder that a younger sibling popping an older one in the face for the first time.

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Back at Girls United, Callie pulled laundry duty with Alex Vause and is folding her delicates when Cole walks in. He explains that he wasn’t trying to score Adderall to up his test scores or to help him figure out who A is. He was trying to get back on hormones. Callie asks why he doesn’t get them from a doctor and he laughs because his parents won’t help him. They don’t want anything to do with him unless he starts acting like a girl. Callie wants to know if the drugs are safe but says she’ll let Cole use her phone to get them when he needs to.

The next morning Callie, Kiara, and Daphne are cleaning up Daphne’s new apartment when Brandon shows up with Callie’s guitar. Rita doesn’t miss a thing so I am sure Callie will be able to show up to the house with a guitar and no one will bat an eyelash. Daphne and Kiara leave for a few minutes, but not before giving Brandon some of the best side-eye ever. Callie starts to tell Brandon how she will do her apartment differently and where he’ll put his keyboard. He’s like “I know where I’d like to put my keyboard.” Ick. He grabs her guitar and starts singing which I know is suppose to be sweet and all the straight teenage girls probably screamed like the first time The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan but no, just no. Callie clearly digs it because she jumps Ross Gellar right there in the dirty floor.

When they get back to the house Cole is being taken to the hospital by ambulance. He injected the hormones and then had a seizure and hit his head. Rita is shaken and yells at the girls before getting in the ambulance with Shawson. In group, the other girls drop the hammer on Callie. She says she’s just like them and that none of them want to be there. That may be true, but she’s the only one with a family that wants her.

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Back at home Lena is browsing the interwebs for a used car. She finds one that might work, it even has anchors for a baby seat. Stef laughs because having a baby is just so damn absurd. The next one is a minivan and while there appears to be no limit on the number of kids these two would like minivans are forbidden. Lena smiles and suggests they take the free car from Stef’s dad. Stef jumps on that idea and shuts it down as hard as she can. The ship has sailed on forgiving her father. Lena says, “You know, Coach, intolerance is a two way thing.” Stef stands up and stomps around and waves her pain in Lena’s face. He hurt me and it’s too late! Lena tries to give Stef a sense of the other perspective but Stef doesn’t want to see it so she snaps at Lena and stalks off. This is how they work. Lena plants the seeds and Stef grumbles and stomps and rejects the idea out of hand. Give it a minute, she’ll come around after she’s all stomped out and the fog of her simmering hurt clears and she can see what Lena is saying.

Lena starts to follow her but gets a call from the gyno telling her that she can still have babies but should get on that, well, yesterday. Lena says “send over a case or two of prenatal vitamins!” Tina Kennard, back away from the phone, now. No good can come of this!

Back at the group home Callie is sitting on the couch doing homework when Rita comes in and sits down. She’s got Callie’s number, she’s had it probably from day one but she chooses this moment to push. She tells Callie she knows what she’s doing and that she’s trying to keep herself safe by never committing. Callie tries to brush Rita off by accusing her of having an agenda. Rita says she doesn’t care what decision Callie makes as long as she stops making decisions based on fear. Callie does what she does best and walks away.

Callie is sitting on her bed when Rita brings Cole in. Rita tears up looking at Cole with his head wrapped up and tells him she was really scared. I hope Rosie never leaves this show, she is such a lovely addition. When Rita leaves to go get Cole some water he tells Callie that Rita called his parents from the hospital and he really thought that they would show up this time, that this time they would care. This is the stuff that makes it so hard to accept an apology in the form of a car even twenty years down the line. The hurt is so raw and the urge to hurt back so powerful that it can be nearly impossible to let it go because even “I’m sorry” can reopen that wound. Callie marches her ass down the stairs and turns her phone in to Rita with a promise that she wants to be there.

Fosters 11411

Stef walks into her dad’s house through the dining room where she told him not to come to her wedding, through the kitchen where he told him that she filled her with a lifetime of shame. She calls out to him and smiles when she finds him in front of the television watching a football game. She smiles at him and clicks off the TV before trying to wake him up. But he’s not asleep, he’s dead. She let it marinate too long this time.

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