The Femme Jury: Rating Pop Culture Butches


9. Sam McGinn from The Real World: San Diego


Handiness – 2.8

Hair and fashion – 2.4

Butch attitude – 3.4

How Hot Does She Look in a White Tank Top – 2.7

Anna sums up The Real World: San Diego star as such: “She’s like a lesbian frat boy. The drag king persona is hot, but she loses points for seeming like such a douchebucket, i.e. embodying the parts of masculinity that are gross and misogynistic. Once you have a ball cap and gigantic blinged-out pendant with your initial on it, you’ve gone too far.”

Emily adds, “I mean, she would for sure sling a tool belt but that doesn’t mean I want to make out with her. I have standards, people.” Erika agrees: “Not sure about her aptitude with power tools, but she definitely seems comfortable being a tool. Zing!”

As the only person whose votes might have upped Sam’s scores, I have to assume I am the only one who has watched every episode of The Real World: San Diego so far. She is surely a baby butch who employs some poor tactics when it comes to hooking up with girls, but I do find her pride in being gay endearing. Alas, as Erika writes, “You don’t get points for thinking you’ve got swagger.”

10. Cindy in Our Idiot Brother (as played by Rashida Jones)


Handiness – 1.7

Hair and fashion – 2

Butch attitude – 2.5

How Hot Does She Look in a White Tank Top – 2.5

The reason Cindy is on this list is because she was described as butch before the film even came out. Obviously, we did not agree, as she’s the least butch on our list. Anna asks, “Cindy is butch? Compared to what, American Apparel ads? She does have a commanding lawyerly presence at times, but hipster glasses and ponytails do not a butch make.”

And while she could be quite handy in helping you with some legal issues, Meg thinks Cindy is more likely to do the laundry than heavy lifting.

Who would you like to rate on butchness? Anyone you got that surpasses the ones on this list and the original one?

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