The Femme Jury: Rating Pop Culture Butches


6. Frankie on Lip Service (as played by Ruta Gedmintas)


Handiness – 2.6

Hair and fashion – 3.7

Butch attitude – 3

How Hot Does She Look in a White Tank Top – 3.4

The eye-makeup was a little too much for our panelists, who thought she could use a lot less eyeliner. But it was her fashion sense and ability to look really, really good in just about anything that gave her an edge.

And Anna says, “Points for being a tatted up badass who smokes and swears like a sailor.”

7. Ellen DeGeneres


Handiness – 2.65

Hair and fashion – 4.1

Butch attitude – 2.75

How Hot Does She Look in a White Tank Top – 2.75

Most agreed that Ellen wouldn’t be super handy because she’d probably have people to be handy for her, and also that she would probably look fine in a tank top, but we prefer her in the clothes we usually see her in.

Meg says, “I’m sure she looks great in just about anything, but I think tailored blazers and ties are more her territory than white tank tops. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing a shot of her lounging around in one at home with Portia.”

Emily thinks Ellen’s butch factor has dipped a little bit in the last few years. “Ellen is a refreshing butch in the way that she’s incredibly stylish and masculine in all the right ways. I do wish she’d get off the vegan train and gain a few pounds back, her overly skinniness is taking away some of her hot factor for me.”

8. Sajdah Golde from The Real L Word

Handiness – 2.4

Hair and fashion – 2.9

Butch attitude – 3.4

How Hot Does She Look in a White Tank Top – 2.7

Sajdah’s relative newness to being out got her docked. “She is so new to lesbianism that she’s a complete idiot and juvenile dater and it brings me back to my junior gay days that I’m pretty glad are far behind me,” Emily says. “Grow up and then we’ll talk!” However, her butch uniform is in check. Erika points out: “V-necks, check. Flat Brim hat, check.”

The Real L Word star might be a little too aggressive and naive for our tastes, but there is no denying she is a butch (or a butch-in-training).

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