The Femme Jury: Rating Pop Culture Butches

3. Shunda K

Handiness – 4

Hair and fashion – 3.4

Butch attitude – 4.15

How Hot Does She Look in a White Tank Top – 3.7

The rapper is fearless with her swagger. “Shunda is a straight up stud!” Emily says, while Meg thinks she probably is so handy, she has a “toolbelt next to her white tank tops.” Erika likes her skills and her abs, and Anna says, “While I’m not normally a fan of the sports bra and army cargo shorts look, she totally rocks it.”

And she also had some points for being pals with Peaches, which apparently makes you more butch.

4. Rachel Maddow

Handiness – 3.3

Hair and fashion – 4

Butch attitude – 4.2

How Hot Does She Look in a White Tank Top – 3.5

Though we’re not sure how good she is with power tools, Meg says, “She’s so brilliant, I’m sure she’d figure it out.” We decided to discuss Maddow in her own clothes versus the look she sports on TV, but take a lot of our informed decisions on her butch attitude based on how she takes politicos to task.

Her intelligence, coupled with the visual we get when we imagine how she looks in a tank top, gave her a decidedly higher score.

5. JD Samson


Handiness – 3.6

Hair and fashion – 3.6

Butch attitude – 3.1

How Hot Does She Look in a White Tank Top – 4.15

The MEN frontwoman is likely to be pretty handy considering, as Erika notes, she has to lug around all that musical equipment while on tour. Anna awards JD “for her adorable mustache” and the general consensus is that she is the ultimate sensitive and creative-minded butch.

“JD has everything I could ask for in a butch,” Emily says. “Looks, sense of humor, creative genius and if her tweets say anything about her, she’s like the sweetest alive.”

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