The Dateability Index: How Do Your Favorite Lesbian/Bi Characters Rate?

Tara Thornton, True Blood

Pros: A survivor in a dozen ways, the smartest person in town, lifelong friend material.

Cons: Cynical and blunt, newborn vampire tendencies.

Dateability Rating: 3 Emily Fitches — 4 if you’re thick-skinned (literally and metaphorically).

Arizona Robbins, Grey’s Anatomy

Pros: Wears wheely shoes for grown-ups, dearly loves to laugh, life-saver, heart-mender.

Cons: Holds a grudge even if you only chop of one of her major appendages.

Dateability Rating: 4.5 Emily Fitches — Times may get tough, but she’ll always get back up.

Emily Fields, Pretty Little Liars

Pros: Looks like Shay Mitchell, accomplished athlete, master sleuth, sweet, sexy, all the free coffee you can drink, owner of a BEAUTIFUL TOYOTA.

Cons: You’ll die, of course.

Dateability Rating: 1 Emily Fitch — Her time-traveling sociopathic robot ninja problems are your time-traveling sociopathic robot ninja problems. Also, her indestructible first girlfriend will throw a firecracker at your face for looking at her lustily.

So, after examining and completely disregarding this scientific advice, who do you think is the most datable lesbian/bi character on TV right now?

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