The Dateability Index: How Do Your Favorite Lesbian/Bi Characters Rate?

Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, True Blood

Pros: Owns more leather than even Bo Dennis, fiercely loyal, can mix a mean drink.

Cons: Vampire superiority complex, charm can turn from sweet to lethal in a nanosecond.

Dateability Rating: 2 Emily Fitches — You’ll probably never know whether or not she terrifies you or turns you on beyond measure, because with Pam they’re indistinguishable emotions.

Santana Lopez, Glee

Pros: Once she’s in, she’s in all the way. Genius treasure hunter. Dance skills eclipsed only by angelic voice. Tells it like it is.

Cons: Doesn’t understand the concept of tactful confrontation, carries around a journal to compile her insults, secret razor blades in her hair.

Dateability Rating: 3.5 Emily Fitches — Treat her like the ferocious panther she thinks she is and she’ll reveal her true kitten nature to you.

Kalinda Sharma, The Good Wife

Pros: Successful, savvy, knows exactly what she wants and is unafraid to pursue it.

Cons: Knows literally all of your business, even your secret fanfiction writing career.

Dateability Rating: 3 Emily Fitches — Just don’t cross her, OK?

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