The Dateability Index: How Do Your Favorite Lesbian/Bi Characters Rate?

Lauren Lewis, Lost Girl

Pros: A master of meeting medical needs, and emotional needs, and sexual needs.

Cons: Just when you think you know her, you find out something new. She was a doctor in the Congo, a soldier in Afghanistan, she keeps her comatose girlfriend in the cupboard under the stairs.

Dateability Rating: 3.5 Emily Fitches — She glows like a Veela in the late afternoon sunlight; guard your mind/heart appropriately.

Leslie Shay, Chicago Fire

Pros: Smart ass, life saver, doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Cons: Learned how to make a baby from The L Word pilot, apparently.

Dateability Rating: 2 Emily Fitches — She has stellar potential, but maybe just be her friend while she figures herself out.

Paige McCullers, Pretty Little Liars

Pros: Would ride her bike through a midnight thunderstorm to apologize to you, willing to extend limitless grace if you kiss the fake cousin of your dead ex-girlfriend and/or almost get her axe-murdered by said fake cousin, always on the lookout for the perfect cupcake.

Cons: White hot temper, occasional Lego man hair, has a field hockey penalty named after her.

Dateability Rating: 4.5 Emily Fitches — For your first date, try a karaoke bar, or a picnic, or a late night swim. McCullers is game for adventure.

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