“The Daily Show” Greatest Gay Hits Volume 2


It Gets Worse PSA
Nov. 15, 2010

This might be one of the five funniest queer-themed clips in the whole archive.

It opens with the NOH8 image that featured Cindy McCain, catalogs John McCain’s hypocrisy on the subject in exhaustive (and bitingly funny) detail, and wraps with the best fake PSA in history, in which John Oliver, Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac, and Sean Hayes explain to Sen. McCain that “It Gets Worse. Much Worse.”


A Few Gay Men and Woman: A Look Back at America’s Military Policy on Gays
Sept. 20, 2011

What’s Jon Stewart going to do now that DADT has been repealed?

In this segment, Stewart takes viewers on a history of the ban. This clip is notable for two things: Stewart saying he’s slept with Stephen Colbert (oh, the fan fiction that must have spawned), and a tremendously moving webcam clip of a soldier, sparked by the repeal, coming out this father while serving in Iraq. His dad ties with Burt Hummel as father of the year, and although Stewart tries to joke about it, you can see how moved he is.

And the audience is applauding and cheering so loudly it almost makes you feel like a fully accepted part of the human family.



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