The cast of “Degrassi” talk Fiona, Adam and the new season

Jordy herself took a few minutes to chat with us about what’s ahead for both herself and for Adam.

AE: Last season when we talked, you said that you really wanted Adam to just be a guy and not have to go through drama, maybe get the girl finally. So does Adam get to be happy in the next half season?

Jordy Todosey:
I mean, he’s doing the radio show now, which is awesome, and he just gets to be a guy and hang out with Dave, and there might possibly be a secret admirer amongst the school. We’ll see if that works out or not!

AE: And do any of these storylines have you interacting with the new cast members?

Yeah, we have new cast members this year, and definitely, Adam interacts with some of them.

AE: Have you found that fan response to you has changed as Adam has been introduced and gotten more storylines and as he’s grown over the seasons?

Yeah, I think Adam can speak to anybody who’s either being bullied, or just being in high school and really figuring out who you are. I feel like a lot of people like to see Adam just being himself and getting used to who he is in his own skin … I was very naive going into the role, so for myself, it’s opened my eyes a lot to people like Adam. I think the more talk about people like Adam, [the more] it helps other people who are naive, and people who maybe are going through that, and I definitely think that it’s helped raise awareness … And I love how being transgender doesn’t define him. It’s just one of his features, and they also have him doing a radio show and going through other things, too. I really like that about how Degrassi handles the situations.

AE: What have been some of your favorite storylines to film?

Adam’s been through so much, whether it be bullying or being thrown through a window or getting shot. [Laughs] Those are great to film and they’re so much fun, but I also like the more relaxing scenes where he’s just hanging out with his brother at home or in the radio booth. Honestly, to pick a favorite is impossible for me.

AE: How do you prepare for the more serious scenes that you have to do?

You know, there are many different methods of acting, but for Adam, I think it was mostly just really understanding who he is and becoming him in a way. Obviously he’s gone through a lot, and hopefully I portrayed it to the best of my abilities without making a mockery of it. But yeah, just becoming him and getting into the mindset of Adam.

AE: And how do you “become Adam”?

Well, mostly when I’m getting changed in the dressing room and binding my chest or putting on the many layers of Adam, I kind of start to walk like him and talk like him and just really become a guy, literally. If there was a guy version of Jordy, it would be Adam.

AE: I know you have time left on the show yet, but have you thought about what you’ll do when your character graduates in the future?

Oh man, let’s not think too far ahead! I mean, Adam’s in grade 11 now, so I’ll be graduating next year. Right now I’m excited to do that. If I’m not working, I’d like to go somewhere for either music or directing, even writing would be fun. Also music is a huge passion of mine. Possibly – obviously that’s a very hard industry to get into – but just putting out an album.

AE: Are you working on any projects outside of the show?

Yeah, actually I just finished a song not too long ago, which is really exciting for me. I’m a singer-songwriter, and I’m trying to get an EP together, which would be amazing.

And finally, Melinda Shankar (Alli) popped in briefly to discuss with us how Alli has been with almost every boy on the show except one.

AE: One character you’ve never dated is Adam.
Melinda Shankar:
I know, I always wanted to! I wouldn’t mind Adam for Alli – you never know with Degrassi!
Jordy Todosey: Even Drew, Adam’s brother, was dating you [Alli] at some point.

AE: Adam and Drew seem to have a thing where one goes for a girl and then the other goes for the girl.

We fight over girls, yeah! I think Adam wins every time, personally.

I agree, Jordy, Adam always wins. Tune in tonight to watch the spring premiere of Degrassi: New Beginnings and to see what’s in store for Adam and Fiona.

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