The cast of “Degrassi” talk Fiona, Adam and the new season


Another actor on the show, Munro Chambers, who – outside of his own character Eli’s drama – has served as a good friend to both the characters of Fiona and Adam, took a moment to talk with us about why he thinks the Eli/Fiona and Eli/Adam friendships work so well.

AE: Eli has been very involved in both Fiona and Adam’s storylines as a friend. What can you tell me about those dynamics?

Munro Chambers:
I think it’s amazing, both storylines are incredible. With Fiona, not only was she going through coming out, but she was dealing with being an alcoholic. I feel like the relationship between Fiona and Eli is very strange – I didn’t really know what was going to happen.

AE: Well, you had great chemistry on screen.

Thank you, and that was the thing. Both characters have been through their stuff, and on that level they’re not going to judge, for her being an alcoholic, and with him – you’ve seen him with Jordy’s character, Adam, about being transgender, and he doesn’t care. He’s like, “Everyone else thinks you’re weird, which is wrong – why would I think you’re weird?” He’s very accepting, and I feel like that’s why he’s such a good friend to both of them. They’re all outcasts in a way, and he’s like, why don’t you just accept people? And he’ll defend them in any light. I love that about that relationship.

Jahmil French’s character Dave sparked controversy with Adam last fall before they made up with each other and became close friends. He brought a nuanced performance to the screen through this storyline, and he spoke with us about how he approached those scenes in order to keep his character’s actions realistic and accessible to viewers.

AE: What was it like working with Jordy last fall?

Jahmil French:
Oh she’s great, she’s a really committed actress. It was intense drama but we managed to keep it fun and keep it light, stay committed to what we had to do, so it was great. I loved it.

AE: What did you do to get into the right mindset and emotions for those scenes?

I tried to keep reminding myself of the need that my character was coming from. That it wasn’t about being a bad guy, it wasn’t about offending people, but it was from a place of belief. So for me it was just keeping it honest with myself, and in every scene reminding myself of what has happened and what I’m going to do. It was just a matter of consistency.

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