“The Bridge” recap: “Rio” and “Maria of the Desert” (Eps. 3 and 4)


Episode 4: “Maria of the Desert

It’s pretty obvious that Frye leaked the video, so the detectives set off to find him. They search under every bridge and rock, but he is nowhere to be found. The ask Adriana but she dodges their questions until Marco gets up in her face.

At the ranch, Charlotte has Cesar bury Rio. She’s frightened now, and tells him if the woman wants the tunnel open then open the damn thing. She asks what she’s supposed to do now. Nothing he says, and the less she knows, the better.


Charlotte’s stepdaughter is lounging by the pool, and the two bicker some more. The stepdaughter is now staying for the reading of the will. Oh and Tina the housekeeper found Marco’s wallet in the guest room.  Busted.

Fausto Galvan, a powerful Mexican trafficker, is gazing at the city when he receives bad news from his henchman. The border is locked up tighter than ever thanks to that pesky bridge murder, and they can’t move their product.  Also, there was another murder of a woman that bares the hallmark of a certain madman they know. Time to find an alternative way in.


Sonya and Marco show up at Frye’s lady friend’s apartment. Apparently he drank all of her vodka, so she wants his ass out of there anyway. Frye is still kind of drunk, and Marco grabs him and tosses him against the wall, which sobers him up pretty quickly.

The mysterious tunnel woman is getting a mani/pedi when Galvan walks in and tosses some acetone in her bodyguards face. She has a tunnel, and he needs one.  It’s an offer she can’t refuse, lest she wants to end up like Rio the horse.

The FBI takes lead of the investigation, and tries to gather the ransom for the drop. They decide to cut Marco out of the loop, which angers him greatly.  The FBI interrogates Frye, but he’s beginning to become sympathetic to the killer’s ideals. He asks why the delay on the ransom, and points out that if Maria was a white woman, the ransom would ready by now.  Frye gets a call in the interrogation room from the killer.


The killer asks who the agent will be doing the drop and Frye is told it’s Gedman, who understandably looks nervous. Marco gets a call and excuses himself. A black car picks him up, and inside is Galvan, who has used the tunnel to cross. He hands Marco a suitcase containing a million dollars.  He doesn’t want to girl in the desert to suffer. Marco hands the money to the FBI and insists on being there for the drop. Sonya is at her desk, glued to the video and searching for clues. She finds it and whispers in Lt. Wade’s ear like a little girl. They head off to find Maria. Steven drives up to a ranch with a cross emblazoned on the gate. In the backseat is Eva, and here is her safe house.  Brother Bob greets him, and offers Eva a job and a place to stay where she won’t be harmed.  She’s less than impressed, but if she can hide from Hector here, she’s willing to give it a shot.  Steven asks for a kiss in exchange for his help. She gives him a small one, and he says he will remember it always.


In the car, Lt. Wade asks Sonya if she’s been to see “him” lately. (I get the feeling that this mystery man had something to do with Sonya’s sister’s death.) She tells Wade no, that she tried but couldn’t get out of the car. She went to her sister’s grave instead, and it made her very sad. He asks if she thought of a happy thought like he taught her? She admits that she couldn’t think of one. The relationship between Lt. Wade and Sonya is so far the element that makes this show for me.  He gets her so well, and for Sonya, this is a rarity. They follow the clues and end up finding Maria, who is in bad shape, but alive.  Sonya smiles like the sun.  After back up arrives, she and Lt. Wade head off to the drop location.


The FBI are in place and Gedman is wired up and ready to go. He heads into the bar with the ransom. The bartender hands him a phone and Gedman plays a message that causes the color to drain from his face. He removes his ear piece and walks toward the back of the bar.


After losing the signal, the FBI and Marco swarm the back of the bar. Frye gets a message from the killer, telling him to go to the back alley. There he opens the dumpster and finds something gruesome.  Marco searches a storage area when he is knocked to the ground and a gun is put to his head. He begs for his life and the killer knocks Marco unconscious. The killer leaves a garbage bag and the suitcase next to Marco, before escaping. Sonya and Lt. Wade find Marco in the unit. Lt. Wade opens the bag to find Agent Gedman’s head looking back at him. A phone begins to ring inside, and Lt. Wade fishes it out. The same video of Christina Fuentes plays, but it contains new footage. Christina turns the camera onto someone else. A beer swilling, sweating, Agent Gedman.

What do you think of The Bridge so far?

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