“The Bridge” recap: “Pilot” and “Calaca” (Eps. 1 and 2)

Episode 2: “Calaca”

Charlotte unlocks the mysterious door that leads to an illegal passageway to and from Mexico, under the ranch. There is a memorial set up inside, and Charlotte wants the tunnel closed. Cesar tells her it’s not that simple, but agrees to her wishes.


A cattle truck full of people is crossing into the US. One of the women notices that they are going the wrong way. The truck driver stops, and dumps them in the hot desert. One of the men is so angered that he attacks the driver, knocking him unconscious.  The woman stops him from killing the driver and they all head off into the desert before the border patrol can track them down.


The detectives question Daniel Frye about his connection to the judge and inform him that his car was used in a murder. The question is why. Sonya plays the recording from the killer, and Frye leaks it to the paper. Sonya receives a video message regarding Christina Feuntes, and the apathy in investigating her murder.

Steven is attempting to burn all of Eva’s belonging, including her ID, when a phone rings from the fire. He reaches in (this guy is hardcore) and pulls the phone from the flames. A sinister dancing skeleton appears on the phone. Whoever Eva is running from is bad news.


Marco and Sonja head to Juarez, and Sonya starts digging too deep into a missing body. A missing body that the police are doing their best to keep under wraps.  Marco tells Sonya that her questions are going to get him killed.

In Juarez, a very shady dude with a goatee sneers in his car. He attacks an old woman and a vagrant searching for information on Eva.  The vagrant tells him a gringo took her, and describes his car. Shady dude gets his inside man at the border to dig into it and provide an address to Steven Linder’s apartment.

Frye is back at work and pitching the story of the killer to his boss. She decides it’s a great story but is concerned about police reaction, so she calls Adriana in to work it instead of Frye. He gets royally pissed, as the editor shouts that she wants his personal story as a sidebar.

Back at the ranch, Lyle Lovett shows up. Well, his character shows up, but it’s freaking Lyle Lovett. He informs Charlotte of her dead husband’s “obligations” to his client regarding the tunnel. He leaves her with a three-bean salad, but instead of green beans, it’s just a lot of green. She shows up later at his office and dumps some actual bean salad on his desk, and tosses the money at him before she leaves.


Sonya is at home, slurping down ramen noodles and looking at dead bodies, which feels like a typical Tuesday for her. She wanders around, before sticking her hand in her underwear. It’s decided then. Time to get laid. She shows up at a bar and asks a guy point blank if he wants to have sex with her. He does. So they do. Afterward he attempts to cuddle, but Sonya is way more interested in looking at corpses on her iPad. Back at Marco’s house, his wife is jealous over Sonya. He reassures her that nothing is going to happen there. She informs him that she is pregnant with their fourth child. Guess that vasectomy came a wee bit too late, Marco.


Steven, his hand red and singed from sticking it in a fiery trash can, shows up at a church shelter. He smiles at the camera. He relieves the woman at the desk from duty, and begins his shift. A picture of a young woman that came in recently catches his eye.

Sonya is obsessing over a crime scene, so she and Marco head out to inspect it further. There, she finds a bead she thinks might be significant to the case.

The people in the desert are struggling and have run out of water, but come across what they think is a miracle. Gallons of water left for them underneath a stature of the Virgin Mary with a skeleton face. The young woman feels that it is a trap and begs them to stop. They tell her she’s crazy and continue to drink.


A man comes into the El Paso station claiming to have done the recording they heard the day of the car bomb scare. He saw the article and recognized the lines. He is an actor and was paid by an anonymous person to record the message, three years prior. At the time, he was told it was for an art project.

Frye and Adriana are lunching together, and he apologized for being a dick. They have some playful banter, but things get serious when Frye gets a call telling him to write down a series of number. Adriana recognizes it as a GPS code and gets to plotting the coordinates. I love an industrious girl who’s good with directions.


Goatee dude shows up at Steven Linder’s old address, and attempts to break in. A neighbor catches him and tries to call the police but he attacks her. She puts up a fight but he ends up choking her to death with a terrifying apparatus.

Frye and Adriana drive out to the location from the coordinates. There they find the dead bodies of the border crossers. The young woman, barely alive, makes it to the road where a car stops and a figure approaches her. The detectives show up to the scene, and find another bead at the bottom of one of the water jugs.

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