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Linder gets Eva alone for a moment and tells her Hector is dead. She looks shocked yet also relieved.  She no longer has to hide.  She asks Linder how, and he confesses it was in self-defense. He apologies, and hugs her awkwardly. I swear, Linden becomes more muppet than man, every episode.


At the station, Gus goes through his text messages, tears welling in his eyes. He approaches Marco about it, but his father tries to shut him down.  Wade raises his voice above it all and asks Gus to say what he needs to. He tells them about the texts with the person he thought was Zima, and how he confided in this person. He drops the bomb that he told this person confidential details about he case, including Gina’s whereabouts before she was killed.  Wade decides to try and set up a meeting with the texter, and it works.  The sting is set.

The police are standing by as Tate casually has some lunch at an outdoor café, while waiting for Gus. Something spooks him, and he pays a waiter to bring a note to a boy he thinks is Gus, and then disappears.  The police descend upon the boy, and take Tate’s note.  It’s GPS coordinates leading to Alma and the girls.  Wade and Marco jump in the truck and speed off.


Gus is devastated that he was unknowingly complicit in a murderers plot, and tries to get comfort from Sonya. He’s especially troubled because Tate actually tried to give him good advice and bring him and his dad closer.  Sonya, not in the business of comfort, tells the crying boy that she has work to do.

Marco and Wade arrive at the cabin and bust in the door. Wade rushes the girls out and position them safely behind the truck.  Marco goes to Alma and carefully walks her out into the open. He tells her to look in his eyes, and that they will get rid of this grenade together. Marco slips the grenade from Alma’s hands and throws it as far as he can. It explodes, but they are both safe. They embrace, and Alma tells him that she wants to go home.


Cesar digs a huge hole in the dusty earth, and rolls Graciella’s henchman’s body into it with a thud.  He attempts to do the same to Graciella, but Charlotte wants to do the honors. She asks Cesar what happens next and he tells her, hopefully, not a damn thing. She thanks him for saving her life, and the poor guy just wants to go to the movies with his wife.


Sonya gets a call that Alma and the girls are safe, but that she needs to move Gus to a safe house. As Sonya and Gus drive, Gus worries what will happen if Tate finds his dad.  He tells her that none of this makes any sense, and she agrees, just as a truck crashes into them at high speed.  Sonya’s car rolls and leaves them both dangling from the inside of the cab. Tate gets out of his car, and drags Gus back with him. A bloody and barely conscious Sonya, focuses in on his license plate before it all turns to black.


What did you think of this week’s The Bridge?

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