“The Bridge” recap (1.8): Vendetta

At the mission, Linder shows up for his shift late as usual. When his co-worker starts ticking off a laundry list of things he needs to do, he tells her he needs time off.  She tells him that’s impossible, but he raises his voice and insists.  He follows his outburst up but being very polite and bolting out the door.


Sonya is breathing heavily and rocking slightly, trying to recover from Cooper’s insult. Gus shows up and asks her about the chocolates he sent her.  She doesn’t eat chocolates, so he’s slightly embarrassed but sits with her anyway. Sonya tells Gus that his dad wouldn’t like him sending her gifts, and he tells her it can be a secret. The thing is, she tells him, is that she doesn’t do secrets.  She allows herself to be vulnerable and confesses that she isn’t good with people, and she’s not comfortable with closeness. Gus tells her that allowing yourself to be close to someone is hard for everyone, and then he makes her laugh. It’s very sweet, and snaps Sonya out of her funk.

Things are in full swing at the gala, and Adriana is looking resplendent. I’m not the only one who notices either.  Santi Jr. does as well. He saunters up and tells her how boring these sorts of events are.  He asks how he knows her, and she tells him that she’s a friend of Frye’s.  Santi Jr. acts as if he’s never heard of Frye, and frankly, it’s not Frye he’s focused on at the moment. He asks Adriana if she wants to get out of there, and she tells him, no. Nope. Not at all.


At the tunnel’s entrance, Charlotte is waiting for Ray to return.  He’s filthy and surprised to see her there. She tells him she’s had enough of his stupid schemes, and it’s time to step up and be legit. (Probably foreshadowing because there is likely a sweet baby Ray in the oven) He asks if he’s ever let her down before. She sadly says yes, pretty much always.

Graciella is about to get her groove on in the street, when her henchman runs to find her. He takes her down to where Ray’s shipment of guns is, and shows her all the transmitters that he found hidden in the weapons. Ray, it was nice knowing you.

At the El Paso PD, Sonya is doing some digging into Ken Hastings. She pulls up his driver’s license and the picture is shockingly familiar. It’s Alma’s boyfriend. Marco sees the picture and tells her that that is actually David Tate. Dun dun dun!


Alma and David Tate are dancing when she confesses that she is pregnant. He takes it pretty well, and they agree that this is a fine mess they are in. He purrs in her ear that he wants to take her home, and she will let him. They agree to meet outside in five minutes. David makes a pit stop in the loo where he runs into Santi Jr.  Tate pulls out a knife and slips Santi Jr.’s throat right in the mirror.  Santi Jr. was the driver that caused the accident that killed Tate’s wife and son. Before Tate leaves, he leaves his bloody handprint for the police to find.

Sonya, Marco and Lt. Wade arrive on the scene, and run into Marco’s Chief of Police. The chief insults Lt. Wade under his breath, and Wade catches it.  Lt. Wade wants to be in charge of the investigation, but the Chief reassures Wade that he can trust his people. There is a bead on the body, just like at the other crime scenes.  Marco recognizes this one though. It was on a necklace that belonged to a woman he was having an affair with.


Marco gets physically sick and vomits all over the scene. Sonya chases after him. In the parking lot, Marco tells Sonya that he knew Jill Tate, biblically. She chastises him for not telling her sooner, but Marco didn’t think it mattered. Apparently, it’s all that matters to David Tate. Tate now has Alma by his side in the car as they drive off into the distance under a canopy of lights.

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