“The Bridge” recap (1.5): The Beast


Charlotte waits nervously in a coffee shop. Marco shows up after Miss Kitty (the awesome police receptionist) tells him Charlotte has been calling. Charlotte blushes like a schoolgirl. Knock it off, Charlotte. She confesses to Marco that she’s in a lot of trouble and asks if he knows about Graciela Rivera. He does, and knows that she’s bad news. She begins to tell him about the tunnel and he literally covers his ears like a five year old. She asks him what she should do, and his advice is to wait it out a couple of years.  Well, that was helpful Marco. Charlotte ends up at home alone, drinking wine like a regular Ashley Marin and calling an old flame.


Marco arrives back at the police station and Sonya asks if he was having more of the sexes with Charlotte. She lets him know that the killer called and that the FBI has known about Gedman and Christina’s video for months. Lt. Wade delivers the good news that he scored a visa for Maria. Now they can question her.

The young American girl, Gina, is sitting on the steps to an apartment building when a young man approaches her. He offers her some beers and she follows him inside. Another young woman walks in as they are drinking and asks why the hell there is a white girl is sitting in her living room. The guy tells her to go back to her room. She rolls her eyes and leaves.


However, when the young man is on the phone arranging a pick up of some sort, the girl grabs Gina and let’s her know that she is in danger. They take off running, and disappear into the night. The young woman takes Gina to a gravesite covered in pink crosses. She tells Gina that the man was going to kidnap her for ransom. She also tells Gina about The Beast, who is responsible for killing all these girls.

Marco and Sonya are getting ready for bed at her place. Marco sees pictures posted all around that look like a child drew them. He asks Sonya about them and she tells him that a brain-damaged man named Jim Dobbs drew them—the same man who killed her sister when Sonya was 15. Marco asks if it was a violent death, and Sonya doesn’t respond.

Now that Maria is safe from deportation, she tells the detectives what she knows about the killer. She didn’t see much, but the killer was a white man and his car was like a cage. A police car. Sonya wonders aloud if it was one of their own.


In the warm light of day, the two teenage girls share some churros on a bench. The local girl asks Gina if her parents would wonder where she is. She tells her no, that her father is too into his girlfriend to notice and her mom is totally messed up. The local girl tells her to never come back to Juarez, but she says it out of concern and affection. She doesn’t want Gina to become one of the Pink Crosses, like her own sister did. Gina follows her words of advice and goes home.


At the ranch, a beefy, golf-pro looking fellow shows up and Charlotte comes out to greet him. He calls her a hot widow, which is certainly an aphrodisiac if I’ve ever heard one. They shoot the shit about Tampa (it’s muggy) and they go inside to explore his new tattoos.

Back at the El Paso PD, one of the detectives, Tim Cooper, who I like to call “Pornstache 2.0” hands Sonya and Marco a file on Gedman. Gedman you see was a bad boy, and the FBI ordered him to see a psychologist by the name of Dr. Meadows. The detectives decide to head over to Dr. Meadows and ask him some questions about his recently departed patient.

Steven Linder is sweating it out in the desert after dragging Hector’s body to a remote location and digging a grave for him. He is distracted when he hears a car approaching, fast. The car peels into a stop, right in front of the grave and Galvan and associate get out. Galvan points to Hector’s body. “This is mine,” he growls. Oh Steven, this is a fine mess.


Sonya and Marco arrive at Dr. Meadow’s house, which happens to be the same house that Gina let herself into just a short time before.  They notice a car with a cage in the driveway and draw their guns. They search the house and find Dr. Meadows, his throat slashed. Marco busts into the closet nearby, where a terrified Gina sits sobbing in the corner. Sonya recognizes her from the station. “I saw the beast!” she cries. “I saw the beast!”


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