“The Bridge” recap (1.5): The Beast


Everyone at the station seems to be in a bad mood. Marco tells Sonya that she jeopardized his marriage by giving him the wallet in front of Alma, and that she should have his back. Still somewhat unclear as to how her returning his wallet has anything to do with Marco banging Charlotte Millright, she offers to let Marco stay on her couch. Marco, who has been relentless that day, shows up at he El Paso Times to “talk” to Frye. Frye is all sass, chomping on some Red Vines and being unhelpful as usual. Marco spills coffee all over Frye’s desk as a diversionary tactic, and pockets his phone.


Maria is awake and talking now, so Marco and Sonya head over to the hospital to ask her some questions. Marco gives Sonya Frye’s phone, and she tells him that what he did was illegal. Marco is like “Meh, legal schmegal.” Maria begs them not to send her back, and reveals that she has a child waiting for her in Houston. Marco tells her not to say anything more until she gets offered asylum. He talks to Lt. Wade who says he has a friend at Homeland Security and Wade offers to speak to them on Maria’s behalf.

Steven Linder is doing his darndest to dispose of Hector’s body, which is tough when you live in a walk up. He ends up driving to the side of the building and pushing Hector’s body out the window. It unfortunately ends up hitting the car instead of the ground, making a huge racket. Steven leans out the window and says, “Oh dear.” Luckily for him, no one else seems to notice.

At the station, Frye’s phone begins to ring in Sonya’s bag. She answers the call, and it’s a women looking for Frye. The phone rings again, and when Sonya picks it up, she identifies herself. This time it’s the killer. He hangs up and calls her on desk line. She claims to understand him because she’s studying him. This will either piss him off or be a huge turn on. He tells her that he will be targeting institutions, and due to the recent developments with Gedman, she zeros in on the FBI.

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