“The Bridge” recap (1.5): The Beast


Gina, a teenager who was booked on a shoplifting arrest, gets bailed out by her father. She asks if she can stay with him for a while, but he says that his girlfriend wouldn’t like that. She shrugs it off and tells him that she will find her way home. She doesn’t go home, however. She pushes her way across the border and walks aimlessly through the streets of Juarez.


At the hospital, Maria, the woman from the desert, is in and out of consciousness. Frye is there when Sonya arrives. She wants to get to questioning, but the doctor tells her that Maria isn’t ready. Frye is waiting for a break in the story and is particularity annoyed by Sonya’s questions. She asks him if he’s done a lot of drugs and at that moment, I imagine he wishes he had done more that day.


Steven Linder is ironing in his saggy undies when Hector, who has snuck into his apartment, startles him. Hector demands to know where Eva is and the two begin to brawl.


Hector gets Steven in his noose, but the iron is close by and Steven knocks Hector unconscious just as there is a knock at his door. Marco arrives and has a few questions for him. Steven refuses to let him in, and once Marco leaves, Steven picks up the iron and finishes what he started. He drags Hector’s body into the living room, where he wraps his head in saran wrap. (It clings!) He then rolls Hector’s body into a blanket. 

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