“The Bridge” recap (1.13): The Crazy Place

Crooked cop is looking worse for wear as drives through Juárez. He is instructed by his wife to pick up diapers, and no beer. He groans, thinking that this day could not get any worse. Just then a car pulls up beside him and guns him down.

Sonya shows up at Marco’s, as she’s likely to do. He’s been sleeping but she asks for a drink so he invites her in. Over tequila, she scolds him about beating up the cop. She’s worried that Marco has changed, and he has indeed.  He’s all alone now. She thinks she knows what Marco is going through. He wants to kill Tate. When her sister was murdered, all she could think about was she wanted the man who did it to die. She takes solace in the fact that Marco is a good man, and he vows not to do anything stupid. She takes him at his word and says goodnight. When she leaves, Marco looks around his empty house, no life or laughter echoing through the halls. He takes out a knife and starts stabbing the tequila bottle nearby, until it crashes to the floor.


Sonya climbs into her new car, and pushes her sister’s tape into the deck. Music takes us through the next few tableaus. Frye staring bleary eyed at his computer. Charlotte smoking alone, and staring out into the night. Adriana’s mother, waiting to pick up her little sister from the bus stop. One bus empties and no Daniela. Linder walking up to Wade’s home, and sitting barefoot at Eva’s bedside, gently holding her hand. Adriana’s mother waits as another bus unloads, and does not deliver her youngest child. Adriana arrives to join her mother, and the two hold each other and cry.


Sonya was correct to suspect that things weren’t all right with Marco, because the final scene brings us to Fausto Galvan’s compound. Galvan offers his condolences and pours Marco a drink. Then another. Marco works up the nerve to do the one thing he’s never wanted to do. Ask for a favor. He asks Galvan if he has people on the inside, people who could get to David Tate. Galvan offers to have Tate killed, but he misunderstands Marco’s request. Marco wants Galvan’s help so he can murder David Tate himself.


This season of The Bridge has been a shocking and compelling look into the life on both sides of the border. Renewed for a second season, the focus seems to be shifting to the lost girls and putting an end to the senseless violence and abuse that becomes them.  Will Sonya be able to do what 15 years of police work and investigations couldn’t? Is Marco capable of murder? Will Adriana and Frye become more of a focus as the danger hits home?

What did you think of The Bridge?

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