“The Bridge” recap (1.13): The Crazy Place

In Juárez, Sonya and Celia are pouring over the surveillance video looking for Eva. Marco stands guard outside. They finally find footage of Eva being dragged into the station, but Celia doesn’t recognize the cop. Just then the Captain comes in, sending Celia and Sonya scrambling. Marco manages to distract him buy bringing up another case and it does the trick.


Police are bagging and tagging the copious amounts of cash at the old woman’s house. Adriana overhears that some of the money is in Euros, a fact the piques Frye’s interest. They get confirmation once they return to the office, that there was over forty million in USD, and another twenty million in Euros. Frye declares it weird, and he likes him some weird. An envelope is delivered to Adriana’s desk.  Inside is a hundred dollar bill with a message written on it. “Forget about the money. Who is Millie Quintana?”


Marco finds the cop who abducted Eva sitting in his car. He gets in and demands to know where she is. The cop warns Marco not to get involved. Tossing warnings at a man with nothing left to lose doesn’t usually end well. Marco proceeds to beat the hell out of the guy until he spills on Eva’s whereabouts. Sonya watches from street, her concern for Marco growing.


After some very masculine montaging to a cover of Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” Ray and Cesar set out for a long drive into the night. On the way, Ray regales a disinterested Cesar in his tales of past traffickings. Cesar feels uneasy about the route, and he has every reason to. Someone in the distance watches them through a pair of binoculars.

Also driving in the dark, are Sonya and Marco. They pull up to an old monastery, which Marco refers to as “House of the Damned.” Marco speaks to the nun in charge who takes them to Eva. She’s barely conscious and needs medical attention. They help her to her feet. And Eva flinches at Marco’s touch. Sonya assures her that he is one of the good guys. While in the car, Marco tells Sonya that Eva was drugged and raped at a “party.”The crooked cop was supposed to kill her and bury her body in the desert but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Marco has a plan to get Eva to safety. It involves lying their way across the border in an ambulance (yet another harken back to the pilot). Sonya reluctantly agrees because she’s still not comfortable with the whole, lying thing.


They pull up in front of Lt. Wade’s house, where his wife is on her way back from the hospital to offer Eva some medical care. They put the poor woman in Sonya’s old room at the Wades’ home.  When Wade questions how they managed to get Eva into the states, Sonya tells him that Marco called in a favor. She assures him that no one knows that Eva is there. The cops in Juárez are involved, so he tells her to let Marco handle it. Sonya knows that Marco can barely handle himself, and reveals how severely he beat the crooked cop.

All this king-pinning and murdering sure does make a girl hungry, so Charlotte finds herself at the butcher counter at the local grocery. A strange man tries to strikes up a conversation about steaks with her, so she drops the bf-word in the hopes that he pisses off. He happens to know her boyfriend though. In fact, he knows all about Charlotte and the tunnel too. When she asks who he is, he is vague, but she now knows that she is in some serious shit. He advises her to keep her dinner plans with Galvan, and lets her know that he’ll be in touch.


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