“The Bridge” (1.12) recap: All About Eva

Adrianna and her little sister wait in line for breakfast themselves. Her sister has dropped out of school to work in a factory. (I have a sickening feeling that this is the same factory where Eva worked.) She tells Adrianna that her boss is nice and good looking.  (Yep, still have that feeling.) Talk turns to Adrianna and her mother’s confrontation, and little sis wonders if Adrianna can change if she just trusts in God. Adrianna tells her that who she is has nothing to do with God.


Marco does show up for court, showered and clean shaven. Sonya and Wade wish him luck and show him that they have his back. A police escort van pulls up in front of the courthouse and David Tate is led out. When he sees Marco, a sickening smile creeps across his face and he nods in acknowledgement. Marco begins to breathe heavily, but pulls himself together and enters the building.


The next morning, Marco wakes up and makes the bed. It’s a tiny step on his road through grief, but it’s a step nonetheless. The doorbell rings but it’s not Sonya bearing baked goods. It’s Celia from the police station. She can’t take it anymore and she wants to confess to Marco. She’s been looking the other way as women and girls have been trafficked through the department. She did recognize the woman they were looking for, Eva. The cop took her to a place where she would be used and abused. Marco warns Celia that by bringing this to light, she is putting her own life in danger. She knows, but can no longer sit in silence. Marco assures her that he will handle it.


The last scene of The Bridge, gives us a glimpse at the shift in story for Season 2. (The Bridge has officially been renewed.) Linder is walking on the dusty clay, poking a sharp stick into the dirt. The camera pans out to show dozens of other men and women doing the same thing. As they walk and dig, they come closer and closer to a field of pink crosses. The crosses are the lost girls of Juarez, and there are many more left to be found.

What did you think of this episode of The Bridge? 

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