“The Bridge” (1.12) recap: All About Eva

Linder walks all over Juarez, showing Eva’s picture to anyone with eyes. He finds a wall, completely covered with pictures of other missing girls. A woman, lighting a candle, notices him. She tells him she can show him where to look for the girl.


At the Juarez station, Marco’s co-workers offer condolences. The Captain notices Sonya, and treats her like and annoying fly the needs to be shooed. Marco asks Celia to run Eva’s picture, but she’s not in the system. The Captain wants to know if Marco is coming back soon, but Marco shakes his head. The Captain laments that Tate is being charged in the states. He would have loved to give him a taste of some real justice in Juarez.


Frye is well enough to leave the hospital and get his flirt on with Adrianna’s sisters over dinner. The oldest sister asks if his equipment still works, which Frye is quick to affirm. Talk turns to marriage and Adrianna angrily asserts that she is not getting married to anyone and her mother knows why. Her mother suggests talking to a priest about her “problem.” Adrianna declares to the whole room that she dates women and is an embarrassment to her family, even though it’s her money that puts food on the table. He mother slaps her face and orders her to get out. Frye is left alone with the family, feeling more awkward than usual.


The same cop who locked Eva in the cell, pulls up in front of a large estate. Eva is dresses in a cocktail dress, looking dazed and possibly drugged. Shortly thereafter we see the world from her perspective. She’s tied up and beaten, her focus hazy as men’s voices and presence surrounds her.


Wade and Marco meet up in Juarez in the bright light of morning. Wade wants to know if Marco is coming to court, but Marco is undecided. Wade asks if Marco is experiencing any peace. For ten seconds each morning, Marco responds, he forgets that Gus is gone. Then it’s pain and grief for the rest of the day. Wade suggests that perhaps testifying against his son’s killer might bring him just a tiny bit more peace.

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