“The Bridge” (1.12) recap: All About Eva


Linder shows up at the El Paso police station, hoping to get some help finding his “bride” Eva. Sonya remembers him and they go to a room to talk privately. Linder went to the factory to ask around about Eva and was told by a woman there that Eva had been gone now for three days. The last time she was seen was getting into the red car.  He clarifies that Eva is not his actual bride, but he intends to make it official when he finds her. Sonya asks him, how does she know that he didn’t take her himself. Linder reminds her that he helps people, and that he’s known for this sort of thing. He takes Sonya to his trailer, which he keeps stocked with medical supplies and food. Linder feels bound to Eva and will do whatever he can to find her. A little help would be nice, though.


Frye has survived his fall and is being pushed around the hospital grounds by Adrianna. He’s surly as ever, and refusing to learn to use his chair because he doesn’t want to accept that it may be a permanent thing. Adrianna suggests that he come back to work. Frye is lamenting all the time he’s wasted in this life, drinking away his talent, his future. Adrianna confesses she was really worried about him, and he teases her that she wants to have some Frye babies with him. Adrianna espouses some tough love measures and leaves his ass to find a way back without her assistance.


Sonya fills Lt. Wade in on her meeting with Marco, and she is still shaken by his demeanor. She holds the broken cassette tape in her hands. Wade takes a pencil, showing her how easy it is to mend. Sonya knows that Marco has the built in need to help those in danger. If pastries won’t work, maybe finding Eva will.


Speaking of Eva, she’s thankfully still alive. A police officer leads her into a Juarez jail cell. She had been held by a man for three days, and turned to the police for help. The officer locks her up inside and walks away.


Sonya finds a very drunk Marco at a local bar and escorts him home. He’s angry and sad and yells the whole way home. He tells her that she should have killed him that night on the bridge instead of letting him suffer the loss of his son. He tries to push her away, but she refuses. She doesn’t meet people often that she bonds with and she isn’t about to it Marco go. She leads Marco to Gus’s room, where he says he can still smell him. They have a moment of tender laughter over Gus’s crush and the chocolates. Sonya gets Marco a glass of water, then tucks him in. The next morning, Marco wakes to find Sonya still there. She makes him some breakfast which he devours. When her sister died, she says, Wade and his wife took her in. There was one rule in the house. Make the bed. Making the bed was the beginning to facing the day for her. Marco decides to visit the station, and agrees to let Sonya tag along.

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