The Best Lesbian/Bi Movie Poll: Winners!

26. The Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love (1995)

Starring: Laurel Holloman, Nicole Ari Parker Director: Maria Maggenti

Randy Dean and Evie Roy live on different sides of the tracks and on different ends of the gender presentation spectrum, and after a chance meeting at the gas station where Randy works, they fall hopelessly in love. They are forced to run away to be together, but are found out quickly by their friends and family, who end the movie arguing about Randy and Evie’s sexuality while Randy and Evie embrace and kiss.

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27. Better Than Chocolate (1999)

Starring: Wendy Crewson, Karyn Dwyer, Christina Cox Director: Anne Wheeler

Having fallen on hard times, Maggie’s mother and brother move in with her, which puts a real strain on her passionate new lesbian love affair, as her family doesn’t know she’s gay. Maggie is only able to keep her relationship secret for a short while, and when her mom and brother discover the truth, it leads to lots of hijinks and hugs.

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28. Mulholland Drive (2001)

Starring: Naomi Watts, Laura Harring Director: David Lynch

David Lynch’s psychological thriller explores the romantic relationship between Naomi Watts and Laura Herring’s characters through the means of nonlinear vignettes. Critics have spent a decade trying to parse the “true” story from the surreal elements of the narrative. The film was nominated for a truck-load of Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Critics Association awards.

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29. Bloomington (2010)

Starring: Allison McAtee, Sarah Stouffer, Katherine Ann McGregor Director: Fernanda Cardoso

One of the many films on our list featuring professor-student relationships, Bloomington tells the story of a former child star who enters into a relationship with a female professor, but is then forced to choose between her love life and a return to professional acting.

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