The Best in “30 Rock” Gay Moments


6. Liz strikes up a very close friendship with Stephanie March.

In season one, Jack set Liz up on a very successful date. The only problem? The date was Gretchen Thomas (Law and Order: SVU‘s Stephanie March), a lesbian who actually thought she met a potential girlfriend. Funny enough, she was right: Liz became obsessed with their friendship, and Stephanie had to break it off when it was clear that their courtship wouldn’t work. “Is this because I wanted to sign us up for The Amazing Race?” Liz asked her. “Because I was 80% joking about that.”

7. Jack Donaghy launches the TWINKS network and treats us to Gay SportsCenter.

I’d probably watch Jack Donaghy’s aborted network for gay men, TWINKS (“Television with Individuals….Naive, Kinky, Shaved.”), if only for the sports commentary. In a preview for the station, a gay anchor scrolled through a list of ESPN-worthy topics and looked bored and confused by all of them. I mean, look at those topics. Horrifying.

8. I fawn over D’Fwan

Though Tracy Jordan’s bossy wife Angie (Sherri Shepherd) was the official star of the Bravo-lampooning reality series Queen of Jordan, the breakout superstar of the show was her pal D’Fwan (Tituss Burgess), a prim, snooty gay man who tried desperately to coin his own catchphrase. Of course that led to his greatet moment, wherein he uttered the immortal line, “D’Fwan forgot his catchphrase!” Gold. My other favorite: “Please d’fwink responsibly.”

9. Frank lusts for a younger man.

In season two, it was weird and hilarious when Liz realized her much younger date Jamie’s (Val Emmich) mother looked exactly like Liz herself, but the more twisted story arc belonged to Frank (Judah Friedlander). The vile writer found himself lusting for the pretty young Jamie, and he stated plainly, “I want to kiss him on the mouth.” He never got that chance, but Frank’s theatrical confusion was worthy of an Annie Proulx short story.

10. We should all subscribe to the philosophy of Lizbeanism

Liz Lemon’s bleak attempts at self-help often result in ridiculous proclamations, and on one occasion, she bragged to Jack Donaghy about her new philosophy on life: Lizbeanism. She meant to tout her self-possession, but instead she stumbled headlong into a lesbian pun. “Because lizbeanism means that I am a dike,” she began unwittingly, “against the rising waters of mediocrity.” May she always stay above water.


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