The best (and worst) Oscar red carpet dates


Worst: Anne Hathaway

Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty

We have nothing but respect (and love eyes) for Anne Hathaway, but doesn’t it seem like it would be the most exhausting thing on the planet to go to the Oscars with her? She seems to know everything about every movie ever made, and everything about every actor and actress and director and producer and editor and cinematographer and gaffer ever employed by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. She’d want to talk, talk, talk about everything and talk, talk, talk to everyone. And, well, we’d need a little peace and quiet to get our ogle on.

Best: Viola Davis

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty

We’re such huge fans of Viola Davis that we mourn on a monthly basis the fact that she has yet to win an Oscar. She’s talented and beautiful and warm and intelligent, but also we think she might be out of fucks to give. She’s been robbed of her own Academy Award twice now, so with just a tiny bit of libation, we think she might start spilling some of Hollywood’s dirty little secrets to us. And if not, well, we’re still on a date with Viola Davis.

Best: Sofia Vergara

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty

Because we have eyeballs.

Best: George Clooney

Photo courtesy: NBC

We like to think of George Clooney as a golden retriever. He’s adorable. He seems very cuddly and easily amused. But, most importantly, he is a chick magnet. If we could walk side-by-side with George Clooney on the night of the biggest awards show in Hollywood, it’d be like strolling through the gayest park on earth with the cutest dog in the world by our side.

Who do you think would be the best (and worst) Oscars red carpet date?

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