The allure of the lesbian cheerleader


The 2009 Bring it On-esque film Fired Up featured Danneel Harris as Bianca, a tough cheerleader who, despite being attractive, comes off as predatory at times. She jumps into bed with Hayley Marie Norman’s character, and is asked to leave. She also grabs her butt and kisses her several times in the movie, but there doesn’t appear to be a mutual admiration. Bianca is also referred to as a "lesbotron" in the film.

Last year, Megan Fox played the murderous bisexual cheerleader in Jennifer’s Body and Lauren London played Christina, love interest to one of the main male characters, Dixon, on 90210. She eventually came out as bisexual, pointing out her girlfriend in one of the last episodes in which she appeared. Once she was no longer of interest to Dixon, her character exited the show.

The success of Bring it On was largely because of the showy dance and music-elements, so it was inevitable that Fox’s musical show Glee would be a hit. And Glee writers gave cheerleader Brittany (Heather Morris) a line that has dictated a whole new way of thinking about her and best friend (and cheermate) Santana (Naya Rivera). On the final episode of season 1, Brittany says, “Sex is not dating. If it were, Santana and I would be dating.”

Suddenly, we had another pair of gay cheerleaders on our hands — or at least bisexual ones. Considering how gay Glee is in general, fans hoped to see more of Britanna and a possible romantic storyline between them.

But they aren’t alone: Both Hellcats and the U.S. version of Skins will be introducing two lesbian cheerleader characters in 2011. On the former (a CW series), Elena Esovolova will play Patty “the Wedge” Wedgerman a “ballsy, fearless and cheerfully profane” member of the cheer squad.

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