The Huddle: Things that makes a lesbian heart weep

Drummerdeeds: Recently, I can’t help but be reduced to a blubbering mess every time I think of Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy. This girl is a catch, yet she’s getting dumped by gfs left and right in the most obscene of locations: first a parking lot (yeah, I know it was the producers), now an airport waiting room? Jeez, cut this girl some slack.

Perhaps Dr. Torres’s plight cuts me deep like a scalpel because the storylines are all too familiar.

The Linster: Things that make this lesbian heart weep:

Brittany and Artie
Katy Perry
Straight people who make a point of telling me how much they love Katy Perry
Bianca Montgomery falling in love — again
Sarah Palin talking "woman power"
The Real L Word

Lesley Goldberg: The top thing that makes my lesbian heart weep: Ellen DeGeneres never having done a one-on-one interview with It certainly isn’t for lack of trying by all involved with the site, but if there’s a "Big Fish" interview that’s yet to be featured on AE, it’s her. Ellen, if you ever read this, call us. Please.

Trish Bendix: People that go around saying, "I don’t read." I don’t understand why it’s "cool" to not read books and write that on your Facebook profile. "Favorite books? NONE. I HATE 2 READ." Well then, you’re going to have a hard time on Facebook because it’s a whole lot of text. Maybe you prefer pictures, but there’s a lot of good stalking material in words, too.

Meg Streit: My little lesbian heart weeps every time a lesbian on the big screen or a TV show sleeps with a man or ends up with a man, a la The Kids Are All Right or "Kissing Jessica Stein. It’s just so unoriginal. Even if I weren’t rooting for the girl to get the girl, I’d still consider these predictable plot lines complete cinematic failures. Is there no other way to infuse drama into a lesbian movie without having one of the women have sex with and/or date a man?

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