The Huddle: Our favorite frontwomen

Dorothy Snarker: While she isn’t my favorite frontwoman of all-time, Emily Haines is my favorite of right now. The Metric singer is a blur of energy on stage, not so much commanding our attention but making it impossible to pay attention to anything else.

Oh, Emily, please dance around in sparkly shirts and fierce boots while filling my heart with joy forever and ever.

Grace Chu: Something about a woman with an edgy yet refined demeanor and classic movie star looks who fronted a band that flourished in a venue frequented by misfits and junkies and which was known for facilities "awash in turds, glassine bags, condoms, and used works" is just hot. The fact that the artist formerly known as Debbie ( and sometimes Dirty Harry) now Deborah Harry – participated in a tour in support of gay rights is just the icing on the cake.

Heather Hogan:It was a toss-up for me between Rilo Kiley and Metric, but I’ve been listening to Metric a lot when I run, which means I’ve started to associate Emily Haines‘ voice with breathlessness and pain (not the good kind), and so Jenny Lewis it is!

She commands albums and stages with equal ease, and her syrupy vocals and witty lyrics make it impossible not to love her. I mean, that fact alone makes her unique among frontwomen. Hipsters, pseudo-hipsters and hipster-haters all adore her just the same. And so do I.

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